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Medical Treatments for Alzheimer's and Dementia

Laurie Owen discusses the various medical treatments that are available for patients with Alzheimer's or other types of dementia. tags: Alzheimer’sAlzheimer_Onset_Delayalzheimer_preventionalzheimer_treatmentDementiadementia_preventiondementia_treatment

The Effects of PTSD on Female Soldiers

Research shows women are twice more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than men. It not only messes with the mind, it can ... tags: afterarmyCoping_with_PTSDdisorderEffectsFemalehealthThe

Shopping - Is It An Addiction, from Dr. Drew

A lot of my friends wonder about whether you can be addicted to shopping. Dr. Drew says yes. tags: dr._drewHealth_Mental_HealthmarlothomasMarlo_Thomasshopping_addiction

Do You Have a Recurring Anxiety Dream?

Microphone in hand, I walked all over The Westchester, a shopping mall in White Plains, NY, asking strangers the one question I had to ask ... tags: aboutdreamHealth_Mental_HealthMarlo_Thomasrecurring_anxiety_dreamswhat

How to Recognize Depression in Teenagers

How can you recognize depression in your teenager when every teen is moody sometimes GMA Parenting contributor and author Ann Pleshette ... tags: childdepressedDepressionhealthHealth_Mental_HealthHowhowdini

How to Handle Holiday Depression

Learn tips on how to deal with holiday depression this season. Remember you're not alone and help is available tags: aloneavoidcopingDepressionduringenjoying_the_holidaysHandle

Dealing With Emotional Abuse, From Dr. Laura Berman

Sex and Relationship Expert Dr. Laura Berman warns of the dangers of emotional abuse and ways to find help for you and your partner. Part ... tags: child_abuseemotional_abuseemotional_healthHealth_Mental_Healthlaura_bermanMarloThomas.comMarlo_Thomas

What Is Misophonia

The sound of chewing, a dripping faucet, an irritating laugh do life's little annoyances send you over the edge It could be a disorder ... tags: cognitive_behavior_therapyeating_sounds_effectforHealth_Mental_HealthMisophoniamisophoniaWhatMisophonia_definition

How to Get Treatment for Dermatillomania

If excessive skin picking is a problem and you find you cannot stop, get help before it gets worse. tags: Dermatillomaniadermatillomania_treatmentdermatillomania_triggersexcessive_skin_pickingforGetHealth_Mental_Health