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Home Remedies for Migraines (Conditions AZ)

Your FEROCIOUS migraine headache pain feels like it'll never end, but it IS possible to GET SOME RELIEF using home remedies. Watch this to ... tags: curediydo-it-yourselfDoctorheadheadacheHealth

Does Eating At Night Make You Fat? (Conditions AZ)

Does the time of day a person eats actually have influence over weight gain Watch this to find out, and visit tags: BodyBodybuilderBodybuildingCookingDietDietingEat

Does Botox prevent migraine? (Conditions AZ)

Botox is a drug beloved by men and women who want to look younger than they are. BUT, millions of other people depend on it for migraine ... tags: beautybotoxbotox treatmentcosmetic lookfaceheadheadache

What are the most common migraine triggers? (Conditions AZ)

Figuring out what triggers your migraines and then avoiding the triggers or taking steps to block their effect, may reducing your migraine ... tags: abdominalalcohol migrainebraincauses of migraineDentaldietdiet and migraine

Do birth control pills give you migraines? (Conditions AZ)

Birth control pills may reduce the number of migraine attacks in some women, while they INCREASE the number AND severity for others. And ... tags: birth controlbirth control pillsBodyBraincontraceptivesCureestrogen

Does MSG cause migraines? (Conditions AZ)

Like many other food triggers, the chemical MSG can set off a migraine in some people, but not in others. Watch this to find out why And ... tags: allergiesallergybrainchemicalschinesechinese fooddiet

Can marijuana treat migraines? (Conditions AZ)

Marijuana's been used as migraine relief for centuries, and doctors who believe in it say that the vascular changes caused by marijuana ... tags: bluntbongBowlbudcannabisCannabis (drug)Chronic

What's the difference between a headache and a migraine? (Conditions AZ)

90 million Americans suffer from migraine, while 1 in 4 women have to contend with the headaches. What's the difference Watch this to find ... tags: aspirinbraincausesdisordergeneticsheadacheHealth

What is Alice in Wonderland Syndrome? (Conditions AZ)

Those struck with Alice in Wonderland Syndrome experience a journey similar to Alice's when she fell down the rabbit hole. See for yourself ... tags: acidAlice in WonderlandAlice in Wonderland syndromeaurabrainCannabis (drug)disorder

What is Paranoid Personality Disorder? (Mental Health Guru)

Paranoid personality disorder, or PPD, is a psychiatric condition in which a person is very suspicious and distrustful of others. See More ... tags: brain delusional disorder mental mental condition mental disorder mental health

Tackling Concussions Head On

08/08/11 Join the team from Children's Hospital Boston in a discussion on the signs and treatment of concussions. tags: Childrens Hospital Boston childrens injuries health videos orlive sportsChildrens Hospital Bostonchildrens injuries


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