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Is Conditioner Necessary? (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

Does conditioner actually improve the quality of your strands, or is it just a big marketing gimmick Watch this to find out what's behind ... tags: advicebathingbeautyconditionerCurlyEasyfragrances

Allergy Meds 101 (Conditions AZ)

There may be no cure for allergies. But with a dose of the right medicine, they can be controlled. Watch this to learn about the five types ... tags: adviceallergensAllergiesAllergyanaphylaxisanswersantihistamines

5 Most Common Allergy Symptoms (Conditions AZ)

When you've got allergies, you know it. But if you're new to the allergy game, it may help to get acquainted with these common symptoms. ... tags: adultsadviceallergensAllergiesAllergyanaphylaxisanswers

7 Tips to Winterize Your Skin (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

During the winter, low humidity combines with harsher winds to deplete skin of its natural moisture. Watch this to learn how to protect ... tags: advicebeautyCosmeticscreamdry skinexfoliateEye

What is a fake allergy? (Conditions AZ)

Just because you're experiencing a rash or shortness of breath, it doesn't mean you're having an allergic reaction. Chances are it's a fake ... tags: adultsadviceallergensallergiesAllergyanaphylaxisanswers

How to Avoid Hair Breakage (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

Strand breakage is usually the result of excessive blowdrying and salon treatments. Watch this for tips on how to prevent further damage ... tags: Baldbeautyblow-dryblow-dryercosmeticCosmeticscurling

Mouthwash 101 (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

It's hard to imagine that something you just swish and spit can really benefit your dental health. But the RIGHT mouthwash can be one of ... tags: alcoholalcohol freeAntibacterialbad breathBeautycavitycleaning

DIY Allergy Relief (Conditions AZ)

Allergy medications are very effective, but that doesn't mean that some alternative remedies can't provide relief too. Watch this to learn ... tags: adultsadviceallergensallergiesAllergyanswerschildren

Why Veneers? (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

Veneers can correct everything from stains to chips to or gaps in just a few dental appointments. Watch this to learn more, and visit ... tags: beautyCliniccosmeticCosmeticsdentaldentistDoctor

Rogaine: Does it Really Work? (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

Approved for both men AND women, Rogaine is an over the counter treatment found in MOST drugstores. Watch this to find out if it will work ... tags: baldbaldingbaldnessbeautycosmeticCurlyhair

Anaphylaxis: When Allergies are Deadly (Conditions AZ)

Anaphylactic reactions are responsible for approximately 1500 deaths in the US each year. Find out why the reaction is so deadly And for ... tags: allergensallergiesAllergyanaphylaxisasthmabee stingCure

Reunite Your Split Ends (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

It's IMPOSSIBLE to repair split ends fully. But, watch this to learn how to contain the damage, before your strands break completely And ... tags: beautyblow-dryblow-dryerbreakagecosmeticCosmeticscurling