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Hagane Videos - 4 by Popular


The ruse of Winry's abduction by Scar is revealed, but a plan of rescue must still be hatched. A brutal storm is coming - one which only ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_39full

The Abyss

Bound by more than blood, the Elrics have long shared joy and pain. Now, with Al wandering the frigid void - and Ed losing blood by ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_41full

Signs Of A Counter Offensive

May and Marcoh's efforts to decode the research of Scar's brother yield progress, but it might be too late to prevent catastrophe. Violence ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_42full

Bite Of The Ant

In the snowy north, the soldiers of Fort Briggs engage an invading army and Marcoh leads an attack against monstrous Envy. In Central, an ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_43full

Revving at Full-throttle

Hohenheim and Alphonse enjoy a chance to get reacquainted. Their bond is restored with ease, inspiring the father to share his secrets with ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_44full

The Promised Day

Quiet warnings spread near and far the Promised Day is at hand. While most will face the coming chaos with their own kind, Edward forms a ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_45full

Looming Shadows

Those who have prepared to reclaim a nation find their plans exposed. The chaos multiplies after an assassin strikes down a mighty leader ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_46full

Emissary Of Darkness

A sinister voice rings out from the shell of Al's armor, and Ed and Greed find themselves under attack. As the Homunculi use the darkness ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_47full

The Oath In The Tunnel

After investigating the twisted roots of the Bradley family tree, Mustang gathers his most loyal troops. Meanwhile, Ed and his allies ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_48full

Filial Affection

With his father's help, Al takes incredible steps to contain the monstrous Pride. As the sun begins to rise on the Promised Day, the ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_49full

Upheaval In Central

Mustang leads a ragtag assault force of hardy northern troops - and welcome faces from the past - against Central's defenses. Victory seems ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_50full

The Immortal Legion

Ed's crew faces a horde of ravenous mannequins, abominations powered by human souls. The twisted creatures aren't the only unstoppable ... tags: alchemistAnimationanimebrotherhoodelricepisode_51full