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Haïdar Videos - 4 by Popular

Trees and Roofs Overhanging the Sukkah

11 Tishrei 5769 - A solid roof over the sukkah renders the sukkah pasul, but what about a roof that opens Is there a way to deal with a ... tags: aravaaravosaravotchagesrogetrogfestival

Mingering Mike Interview @ SXSW 2008

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 221616 -0800Ali sits down with the now-legendary Mingering Mike to hear how between the years of 1968 and 1977 he recorded ... tags: 45salibrotherbrownbrucechemistcollective

Why Do We Dwell in Sukkos?

11 Tishrei 5767 - Why do we dwell in sukkos for seven days And why this time of year Sources OC 6251 MB 6251 tags: aravaaravosaravotchagesrogetrogfestival

Spending Extra for Hiddur Mitzvah

12 Tishrei 5767 - The Talmud learns that we should spend up to 1/3 extra for a beautiful etrog. How do we apply this halacha Sources Bava ... tags: aravaaravosaravotchagesrogetrogfestival

Giving Up Everything to Avoid an Aveira

13 Tishrei 5767 - For a mitzvah aseh, one should be prepared to spend up to 1/5 of his assets. But to avoid a lo ta'aseh Be prepared to ... tags: aravaaravosaravotaveirachagesrogetrog

Sukkos, Children, and Chinuch

14 Tishrei 5767 - Like all our Holidays, Sukkos has an element of chinuch buy a lulav for your kids if they can wave it. Sources OC 657 MB ... tags: aravaaravosaravotchagesrogetrogfestival

Building a Sukkah in the Middle of the Festival

17 Tishrei 5767 - Can you put up a sukkah on chol hamoed What about on Yom Tov Sources OC 6371 MB 6371-4 tags: aravaaravosaravotchagesrogetrogfestival

Feeling Joy on Sukkos

17 Tishrei 5767 - There is a mitzvah to feel happy on Sukkos. How can Hashem command us to feel joy tags: aravaaravosaravotchagesrogetrogfestival

Borrowed, Shared, and Stolen Sukkos

18 Tishrei 5767 - Can you borrow a sukkah Share one What if you steal a sukkah Sources OC 6372-3 MB 6375-9 tags: aravaaravosaravotchagesrogetrogfestival

Dwelling in the Sukkah

19 Tishrei 5767 - What does it mean to 'dwell' in the Sukkah In brief, we live in the Sukkah as we live in our homes the rest of the ... tags: aravaaravosaravotchagesrogetrogfestival

Sukkos for Jews, Sukkos for non-Jews

21 Tishrei 5767 - Sukkos is at the same time our most universal and most particularistic Holiday. How can this be What is the meaning of ... tags: aravaaravosaravotchagesrogetrogfestival