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Asteroids to hit planet earth?

According to a Federal Report, NASA, the one institution responsible for spotting asteroids that could pose a threat to planet earth does ... tags: AsteroidsBarackBerinCongressDinaGusovskyNASA

Madsen: 'CIA and Blackwater using "journalists" as intelligence agents'

The Wayne Madsen Report says that the CIA used Blackwater linked mercenaries as journalists in order to gather intelligence. Allegedly, two ... tags: AfghanistanBlackwaterCIADinaGusovskyIranMadsen

US media lying about health care debate?

Barack Obama delivered his much anticipated speech to Congress just last night about health care reform, an issue that seems to be dividing ... tags: careDinaGusovskyhealthHuffingtonliberalsLux

Swanson: U.S. health care debate is a moral outrage

U.S. author, blogger, and activist David Swanson says that it's time for the American people to reclaim their country and create a new, ... tags: BarackconservativesDavidDinaGusovskyimperialObama

Voter machine monopoly promotes election fraud

Diebold Inc. has sold its voting machine business to leading voting machine manufacturer Elections Systems Software ESS. This this has ... tags: ActionBonifazDieboldDinaelectionfraudGusovsky

No justice for Gitmo detainee?

New developments in the case of young Gitmo prisoner Mohammed Jawad are once again making headlines. His military lawyers say that Jawad ... tags: BayDinaEricGuantanmoGusovskyJawadMohammed

'America wants to protect Israel from Iran'

As U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heads to Russia, the timing could not be more critical. Clinton will be meeting with both Dmitry ... tags: BurgerClintonDinaDmitryEthanGusovskyHillary

U.S. preparing to attack Iran?

Iran seems to be the burning foreign policy issue for the United States as the Obama administration deliberates what actions to take next. ... tags: DinaForcesGusovskyIranMadsenRussiaSpecial

Celente: Wall Street has hijacked Washington DC

Although Wall Street seems to be optimistic about economic recovery in the near future, economists like George Soros and Gerald Celente ... tags: bailoutsbankCelenteDinaGeraldGusovskyRussia

Galtung: U.S. empire will fall by 2020

Although most of the headlines read that the U.S. economy is growing again, professor and author Johan Gultang seems to have a different ... tags: DinaeconomyGaltungGusovskyJohanRussiastimulus

Is Congress getting money from defense lobbyists?

House ethics investigators have been looking into the activities of more than thirty lawmakers and aides about the possibility of having ... tags: CharlesCommitteeDinaEthicsGusovskyHouseMadsen

Ron Paul: Government can quarantine people

A national emergency has been declared in the United States But it has nothing to do with the war in Afghanistan, the economic crisis, or ... tags: AfghanistanBarackDinaFluGusovskyH1N1Obama