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Graphene - the material of the future | Tomorrow Today

The EU has pledged a billion euros for research into graphene at a consortium of institutions across the continent. The amazing material is ... tags: computingconductordeutsche_welleelectricityengineeringgraphenematerial

Chamber Chat Oct 23 2013 Zenyatta Ventures Lananh Pham

Lananh Pham from Zenyatta Ventures talks about the company's amazing Graphite discovery in it's Albany Project in Northwestern Ontario.

What is Graphene Graphene and stocks Investing companies investments ideas CVV CVD Equipment AIXG ...

What is grapheme I'll tell you a little bit about it and about Graphene stocks Investing companies investments CVV CVD Equipment AIXG ...

Ep. 1233: Where we stick a fork in it

Today we'll reminisce about Now That's What I Call Music compilations and 'Antitrust' starring Tim Robbins. We'll also tell the story of ...

Ep. 1227: Where we RSS in peace

Bridget Carey helps us trace the origins of RSS feeders in light of news that Google will shut down their Reader service on July 11th. Are ...

Scientists Share Nobel Prize in Physics

Russian-born scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov share the Nobel Prize in Physics for 'groundbreaking experiments' with an ... tags: andrecarbongeimgraphenekonstantinnobelnovoselov

Berkeley team invents gel (Graphene) controlled by light WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

Inspired by the way plants grow toward light sources, bioengineers at UC Berkeley created a gel that can be manipulated by light. This ... tags: BerkeleycontrolledgelgrafeneGrapheneinventslight

Intel Science Talent Search 2009 - Philip Streich

Intel STS Third Place winner Philip Streich talks with Cogito.org039s Dr. Amy Thompson at the STS Finalists Exhibition in Washington, DC. ... tags: fairforgrapheneintelintelisefnanotubesscience

UCLA Scientists Develop Graphene Supercapacitor

While developing a more efficient way to manufacture graphene, UCLA scientists discover a way to turn the substance into an ultracapacitor. tags: batterycarelectricgraphenekanerricsuper

Year-End Innovations: Replacing natural materials

RT presents Technology Update. Carbon-based fibers look to be the future of construction and high-tech manufacturing the Composite Holding ... tags: brandon ricecarbon materialchipComposite Holding CompanyComputercutting edgedevices

Material Marvels with Ainissa Ramirez - Graphene

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Materials Science at Yale, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, discusses how a layer of carbon that is one ... tags: 2010andreatombuckyballcarbondiamondelectrical circuit

Why UK Is Investing in Graphene

The UK government has pledged 50m towards developing spin-off technologies from the super-strong material graphene. tags: developinggovernmentGrapheneinvestingmaterialpledgedstrong