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World Cultural Festival Speech

Dr Tommy would like to humbly introduce a sustainable schematic for the attention of all major players in the effort for sustainable world ... tags: bodyCameronCeremonieschannelCharlesculturalDavid

Another Spontaneous Interview From Dr Tommy Gourangas Adventures In West Cork

We dont plan these they just happen..Tonight fate had us meet Alfie and he happily shared his humble wisdom with us. He speaks holding a ... tags: catholicchurchDarwindoctrinedogmadrDR (broadcaster)

Lil Boo Lullaby

Lil Boo Sings or Dr T has just lost it.. perhaps both.. tags: AKAkbarAllahbadmanbellsBobBull

Pear juice Offering

I blended up some pear juice and offered it to Krishna then gave it to Lil Boo after metatronicly rebuilding my Vans Dustin Dollin 'piss ... tags: BanjoboocorkdrDruidicDublinErin

Baby don't herd me

I awoke and from the Oratory glimpsed a scene and in that scene Dr Tommy was akin to Jesus somehow Untill he did chase away the Lamb...Neo ... tags: Bark (utterance)CowCutedoctorDogDogsdruidic

Potential Palatial Development at Loch Lomond

The ancient Druids who lived here before were most powerful.. Their energies encompass the Doctor along with third party Missile and Laser ... tags: ActivismAnnouncementAnnouncementsAssesawakeningBrayBullocks

Truth as my Himalaya crack hammer

Back in Dr Tommys Kitchen for his hidden prescription tips and devices of inner wisdom.. A few of regular daily use of the saltpipe can ... tags: AudioAuthorbanjoBooksbrandcantCeltic

Pasta La Vista Gouranga For Life

Chant it up Offer it to Gouranga and feed Gods Creatures. Welcome to the age of Gaura Golden Mercy tags: AnimalanimalsBullburningscomedyCookingdemons

'Mental Detention Flow'

Darkta T fresh on the old HP, Big shouts.. LIDL, BOXTRUMENTAL on the Celtic SKar NewTown Roots. Danny And Johnny Cash ... tags: BooDarktaDrFlow (psychology)FolkFukushimaGouranga

Salted Bread

Dr Tommy Gourangas notes first call O the day..possibly the last... Feed Mother Cow and Father Bull Feed Krishna Allaah God..Celtic Vedic ... tags: DrDR (broadcaster)GourangaGuruMeditationMovementsNinja

GoodBye Freestyle

02/15/12 Big shouts on the beats to my man Boxtrumental from Sweden...Roots and musical fruits without love of the loot. ... tags: AfricabarsBelieveBrooksCaptaincashchains