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Debate heats up over new Philippines health bill - 11 Nov 09

Legislators in the Philippines, one of the few countries in the world without a reproductive health bill, are debating a new law that will ... tags: aljazeerabillchurchcontraceptiondivyagopalanhealth

US to slash aid payments to Palau - 21 Dec 09

The Pacific island nation of Palau is the largest recipient of aid per capita from the United States.It has received more than 852m dollars ... tags: aidalaljazeeraDivyaGopalanislandjazeera

Japanese families face Children's Day

Much of eastern Japan remains in ruins. Thousands are still trying to rebuild their lives. This Thursday some may find it especially hard - ... tags: asianewsChibChibachildrensdayDivyaGopalan

Growing alcoholism among Malaysia's poor - 16 Oct 09

A strong, cheap liquor known locally as samsu and popular among Malaysia's working poor has grown into a serious social problem.It is ... tags: addictionaljazeeradivyagopalanmalaysiaproblemssamsu

Scheme helps Philippine farmers weather storms - 05 Nov 09

The Philippines has been hit by four typhoons in less than a month. Tens of thousands of farmers have lost their livelihoods, and poverty ... tags: aljazeeracropdivyafailuregopalanphilippinespoverty

Russia accuses Chechen female group for blasts

Russian authorities are investigating twin blasts at metro stations on Monday in Moscow that killed 39 people and have pledged 'to wipe out ... tags: blackcaucususchechnyadivyaenglishgopalanjazeera

Scandal threatens Japan's sumo wrestling

A major scandal is brewing in Japan's sumo wrestling arena, with revelations of links to organised crime threatening to hurt the ... tags: aljazeeraasia-pacificnewscrimedivyagopalanjapanorganised

Vietnam Catholics look to new start - 11 Dec 09

A meeting at the Vatican on Friday between the president of Vietnam and the Pope could be landmark step paving the way to establishing ... tags: aljazeeracatholicscommunistdivyafreedomgopalanreligion

Thaw in Vietnam and Vatican ties - 11 Dec 09

For the first time ever, the Roman Catholic Pope has met the president of Vietnam in what could be a first step towards formal diplomatic ... tags: catholicchichurchdivyagopalanjazeerapope

Gareth Evans talks to Al Jazeera on nuclear disarmament

The United States and Russia have signed a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty Start, as world leaders gear up for next week's nuclear ... tags: americasnewsdisarmamentdivyaevansgarethglobalgopalan

Malaysian security law under scrutiny

Malaysian human rights lawyers are seeking access to 10 men believed by the government of having links to international terrorism. The men ... tags: aljazeeraasia-pacificnewsdivyagopalanhumanmalaysiarights

Japanese monitor the first signs of spring

The coming of spring is being closely monitored by scores of volunteers in Japan, anxiously awaiting the first signs of cherry blossom ... tags: asianewsblossomcherrydivyagopalanjapansakura