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Deep Deep Undercover

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Deep Deep Undercover - Axel Eddie Murphy convinces Inspector Todd Gilbert R. Hill to give him more money for his ... tags: Allen_GarfieldBrigitte_NielsenChris_RockDean_StockwellDet._Jeffrey_FriedmanEddie_MurphyGilbert_Gottfried

Conning Sidney Bernstein

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Conning Sidney Bernstein - Axel Eddie Murphy tricks Sidney Bernstein Gilbert Gottfried into leaving his office ... tags: Allen_GarfieldBrigitte_NielsenChris_RockDean_StockwellDet._Jeffrey_FriedmanEddie_MurphyGilbert_Gottfried

F*** Rambo

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - F Rambo - During the final shootout, Billy Judge Reinhold lives his fantasy of being a tough street cop. tags: Allen_GarfieldBrigitte_NielsenChris_RockDean_StockwellDet._Jeffrey_FriedmanEddie_MurphyGilbert_Gottfried

Rap Coalition of America

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Rap Coalition of America - Axel Eddie Murphy makes a thug rap before Rosewood Judge Reinhold knocks him ... tags: Allen_GarfieldBrigitte_NielsenChris_RockDean_StockwellDet._Jeffrey_FriedmanEddie_MurphyGilbert_Gottfried

Johnny Wishbone

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Johnny Wishbone - Axel Eddie Murphy cons Lutz Allen Garfield into thinking that he is 8220Johnny Wishbone8221 a ... tags: Allen_GarfieldBrigitte_NielsenChris_RockDean_StockwellDet._Jeffrey_FriedmanEddie_MurphyGilbert_Gottfried

You Calling Me a Cop?

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - You Calling Me a Cop - Axel Eddie Murphy turns the tables on Carlotta Frank Pesce after he recognizes him from ... tags: Allen_GarfieldBrigitte_NielsenChris_RockDean_StockwellDet._Jeffrey_FriedmanEddie_MurphyGilbert_Gottfried

Final Confrontation

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Final Confrontation - Axel Eddie Murphy faces off with Dent Jrgen Prochnow and is saved by Taggart John Ashton. tags: Allen_GarfieldBrigitte_NielsenChris_RockDean_StockwellDet._Jeffrey_FriedmanEddie_MurphyGilbert_Gottfried

Shooting Gallery

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Shooting Gallery - Axel Eddie Murphy meets Karla Fry Brigitte Nielsen and destroys the virtual shooting gallery. tags: Allen_GarfieldBrigitte_NielsenChris_RockDean_StockwellDet._Jeffrey_FriedmanEddie_MurphyGilbert_Gottfried

Dangerous Delivery

Beverly Hills Cop 2 1987 - Dangerous Delivery - Axel Eddie Murphy pretends he is delivering an explosive package to finagle himself into ... tags: Allen_GarfieldBrigitte_NielsenChris_RockDean_StockwellDet._Jeffrey_FriedmanEddie_MurphyGilbert_Gottfried

Thrown Out of a Window

Beverly Hills Cop 1984 - Thrown Out of a Window - Axel Eddie Murphy is tossed through a window, then arrested for disturbing the peace. tags: Axel_FoleyDet._Sgt._John_TaggartDet._William_'Billy'_RosewoodEddie_MurphyGil_HillInsp._Douglas_ToddJames_Russo

Axel Gets His Man

Beverly Hills Cop 1984 - Axel Gets His Man - Axel Eddie Murphy stalks Maitland Steven Berkoff through the house, resulting in a final ... tags: Axel_FoleyDet._Sgt._John_TaggartDet._William_'Billy'_RosewoodEddie_MurphyGil_HillInsp._Douglas_ToddJames_Russo

Customs Inspector

Beverly Hills Cop 1984 - Customs Inspector - Axel Eddie Murphy poses as a custom inspector to get what he needs. tags: Axel_FoleyDet._Sgt._John_TaggartDet._William_'Billy'_RosewoodEddie_MurphyGil_HillInsp._Douglas_ToddJames_Russo