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Artist Illustrates Mansions Using Paper Folds

One very talented Cologne based artist foregoes the regular canvas, preferring to use his own hands and imagination along with simplistic ... tags: GeoBeatsNewspaper_folding_artpaper_fold_mansionspaper_mansionssimon_schubertsimon_schubert_art

Revolutionary Vending Machine Serves Up Hot Burritos

A vending machine that serves up hot burritos, sides optional, has appeared at a Los Angeles gas station. It's time our vending machines go ... tags: burritoboxburritobox_laburritobox_machineburritobox_vendingburrito_machineGeoBeatshot_burrito_vending

West African Lions Bordering on Extinction

A physical search of 13 of the 21 areas designated as protected for West African lions revealed that only 4 of them were populated with the ... tags: big_cats_extinctionGeoBeatslions_becoming_extinctlions_die_offlion_populationslion_west_africaresearch_west_africa_lions

Great White Sharks Can Live into Their 70s

According to a new study from researchers at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, great ... tags: duration_great_whiteGeoBeatsgreat_white_lifelifespan_great_whitelifespan_sharklifespan_shark_specieslife_duration_shark

Comcast Worker Robbed and Shot While Working

A Comcast worker in Chicago was robbed while sitting in his vehicle, minding his own business. A Comcast worker in Chicago was recently ... tags: armed_man_comcast_workerchicago_robbery_comcastcomcast_employee_robberycomcast_shootingcomcast_worker_robbedcomcast_worker_shotGeoBeats

Company Creates Autoluminescent Plants

A biotechnology company based out of St. Louis recently unveiled a lineup of plants that are entirely autoluminescent. Glowing animals and ... tags: alexander_krichevskyautoluminescent_plantsbioglow_avatarbioglow_glowing_plantsbioglow_new_plantsGeoBeatsglowing_plans

Murder Charge as a Result of “Atomic Wedgie”

Recently in Oklahoma, what began as a drunken family fight ended with murder charges as a result of a man using the atomic wedgie on his ... tags: atomic_wedgie_deathbrad_davis_chargesbrad_davis_wedgiebrad_lee_davisGeoBeatskilled_stepfather_wedgiemurder_stepfather_wedgie

Syrian Refugee Uses Crowdfunding to Pay for College in Germany

A Syrian refugee might be getting a chance to attend college in Germany thanks to the crowd funding website Indiegogo. Civil war in Syria ... tags: Europe_NewsGeoBeatsNewsodday_alatikiodday_alatiki_crowdfundodday_alatiki_refugeeodday_alatiki_study

Harmful Effects of Laxative Overdose

Officials from the United States Food and Drug Administration have announced that taking too many laxatives can be dangerous, and sometimes ... tags: dangers_laxativesGeoBeatsHealth_Newslaxatives_lose_weightlaxatives_weight_losslaxative_additionlaxative_body_imbalance

Surprising Twists on the Placebo Effect in Migraine Study

In a recent study, doctors tried to use the power of mind over matter to increase the effectiveness of a migraine drug requiring multiple ... tags: GeoBeatsmigraine_drugs_researchmigraine_drugs_studymigraine_drug_benefitNewsplacebo_migraine_reliefplacebo_pain_relief

Truck Driver's Amazing Rescue After Being Pinned for 8 Hours

A Florida man, who is employed as a truck driver got a very tough break after braving extreme frigid temperatures, all to find himself ... tags: GeoBeatstim_rutledge_indianatim_rutledge_pinnedtim_rutledge_snowtim_rutledge_survivetim_rutledge_trucktruck_driver_frozen