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Gengo French #30 - Where Does Your French Go From Here?

Learn French with Youre so sad that your stay in France has come to an end. Or has it When you check out of your hotel, ... tags: EducationGengo_FrenchHigher_EducationLanguage_CoursesPlaces_TravelSociety_Culture

Gengo French #29 - Master Speaking on the Phone and Put All Your French Friends One Touch Away

Learn French with Reach out and touch someone in France Though youve enjoyed your French trip, its time to go back home, ... tags: EducationGengo_FrenchHigher_EducationLanguage_CoursesPlaces_TravelSociety_Culture

Gengo French #28 - Make the Most of Your Time in France (A Must for Travelers)

Learn French with Is your credit card really everywhere you want to be in France Well, youre about to find out, as you ... tags: EducationGengo_FrenchHigher_EducationLanguage_CoursesPlaces_TravelSociety_Culture

Gengo French #27 - Your French is Getting Too Good!

Learn French with Its finally time for your first French date You found a time to get together with the French woman of ... tags: EducationGengo_FrenchHigher_EducationLanguage_CoursesPlaces_TravelSociety_Culture

Gengo French #26 - The Best French Dish You'll Ever Have

Learn French with Yum You tell your hosts in French, That was the most delicious meal ever. The veal was so succulent, and ... tags: aboutEducationfrancefriendsGengo_FrenchHigher_Educationindirect

Gengo French #25 - The Best French House You'll Ever Visit

Learn French with Youve followed your family friends directions, and youve made it out to their French farmhouse outside ... tags: aboutadjectivesarticlesEducationfamilyGengo_FrenchHigher_Education

Gengo French #24 - Don't Miss Your Big Chance to Start Speaking French!

Learn French with Wow Is that really the wonderful French woman you met on the plane It cant be - youve just randomly ... tags: aboutactionsadverbaroundcityEducationfriend

Gengo French #23 - Take Charge of the Situation Using Your French

Learn French with You feel as if youre playing a game of Marco Polo just like you did when you were in grade school, ... tags: aroundaskingcitycontroldirectiondirectionsEducation

Gengo French #22 - You Paid What?! The Best Place to Shop in France

Learn French with Ah, to market, to the French market You walk by the various booths with French cheeses, fruit, ... tags: aroundcityEducationexpressingGengo_FrenchHigher_EducationLanguage_Courses

Gengo French #21 - Getting the Best Table and Dish in Town

Learn French with Im starving, you think to yourself, as you walk the Paris streets in search of a restaurant down after a ... tags: aroundcityeatingEducationfoodformalfrench

Gengo French #20 - You Better Ask Before You Do This in France

Learn French with The day has finally arrived, and youre ready to go to your first tourist destination in France You pack ... tags: allezarearoundaskingasking_for_permissioncitydone

Gengo French #19 - 5 Places You Have to See When in Paris

Learn French with Theres so much to do, and so little time you lament to your co-worker in French. I just love being in ... tags: adverbsdesireEducationexpressexpressingfrancefuture