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Precognitive Information

Life saving information reaches patients in many new ways, even dreams. So should this be incorporated into medicine too tags: conciousnessdreamsgaiamhealthInformationlifeMedicine

Surviving Cancer With Faith

Barbara Blanchard was determined to survive cancer and took control of the situation. Here is her story. tags: BarbaraBlanchardcancercontrolfaithgaiamlife

Different Kinds of Prayer

Different kinds of prayers and strategies exist. Do they all work tags: comfortdifferentextrovertgaiamHeartintrovertkinds

Medical Schools and Receiving Distant Prayer

Prayer can help patients recover. In fact, today there are studies proving such a concept Watch Larry Dossey explain the issue. tags: coursesdistantDosseygaiamLarrynewpatients

Upper Body Yoga For Beginners

Gaiam TV Yoga Studio Rodney Yee guides yoga poses for beginners to understand the basics of yoga. Strengthen your body and mind in this 5 ... tags: armsfitnessGaiamrodneystrengthenstretchTV

Fire Transformation with Kia Miller

Gaiam TV Yoga Studio your internal fire agni with a combination of Vinyasa poses and Kundalini energy work. Centered on the breath of fire, ... tags: awarebodyfitnessgaiamhealthstrengthtv

Gaiam TV's Beyond Belief - Past Lives, Future Lives with Bruce Goldberg

Watch this full show on Gaiam TV George Noory interviews Bruce Goldberg, once dentist and now hypnotherapist. Learn about hypnotherapy ... tags: BruceclipDentistfreegaiamgeorgeGoldberg

Gaiam TV's Beyond Belief with Glynis McCants

The Queen of Numerology Watch this full interview with George Noory featuring Glynis McCants at tags: beliefbeyondclipgaiamgeorgeglynisnoory

Healing Matrix with Dennis Richard

Join host Regina Meredith on the Gaiam Tv original show, Healing Matrix. On this special show Regina interviews Dennis Richard. To watch ... tags: antiboticsdennisDentistfriendlygaiamgeorgenoory

Inspirations with Denise Linn

Lisa Garr interviews Denise Linn and they talk about Linn's near death experience. To watch this full interview on tags: deniseexperienceGaiamgarrinspirationslinnlisa

Healing Matrix with James Forsythe

Regina Meredith interviews James Forsythe talks about chemotherapy and the toxic effects. Learn about alternative cancer treatments, and ... tags: approvedfdaforsythegaiamhealingjamesmatrix

Wisdom Teachings - David Wilcock: Biological Life

Watch this full show on Gaiam TV - This is a preview of the first show where David Wilcock explains his theories of biological life. He ... tags: davideducationEvolutiongaiamNatureScienceteachings