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Fetal Development Week 38 (Pregnancy Health Guru)

At week 38 of pregnancy, your baby boy or girl is a fully functioning little person ready to take on the world. For more information tags: 38_weeksadvicebaby_developmentblogdevelopmenteightfetal

Fetal Development Week 37 (Pregnancy Health Guru)

Welcome to week 37 of pregnancy, where your baby is pretty much ready to make his or her entry into the world. Want more tags: 37_weeksadvicebaby_developmentblogdevelopmentfetalfetal_development

Learn about Fetal Fibronectin Test

A new product called FullTerm Fetal Fibronectin Test, is FDA approved and can predict whether a mother is at risk for premature labor or ... tags: doctorsFullTermDr._Lisa_MastersonFetalFetal_Fibronectin_TestfFNFibronectinFullTerm

MommyCast Show #286: Weather Event!

We8217re having a weather event Kids are home. Cars are sliding all over the place. Power is out. It8217s a perfect MommyCast day But, ... tags: Black_Dillingerchildchildrendaddaddydixieeducation

MommyCast Show #283: 10 Diet Myths

Are you tired of those pesky pounds I am It seems the harder I work out, the harder it is to lose weight Paige and I discuss an article ... tags: boutiquecafechildchildrendaddaddyDavid_McMillindiet

MommyCast Show #280: MacWorld Follow Up

We8217re a little late with our MacWorld follow-up technical difficulties. But we wanted to share a few things with you. First, Paige and ... tags: bentoBlack_Croweschildchildrendaddaddydixie

MommyCast Show #277: MacWorld Here We Come!

We8217re at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco right now. We can8217t wait to see all of the new things coming from Apple and all of the ... tags: airapplebrother_lovechildchildrendaddaddy

MommyCast Show #275: Hope 2008 is Great!

Paige and I talk about our new year resolutions, or lack there of. Organization is at the top of our list. Health is another. Paige needs ... tags: bill_de_romechildchildrencolonoscopydaddaddydixie

MommyCast Show #271: The Symbols of Christmas

We8217re getting ready for Christmas and thinking about what all of this means. Where did the Christmas Tree come from How about Christmas ... tags: candy_canecarolingchildchildrenChristmas_cardschristmas_lightschristmas_tree