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Food Safety Videos by Popular

Salmonella Outbreak: Government Shutdown to Blame?

At least 18 states and almost 300 people have gotten sick from salmonella. But with two-thirds of CDC employees furloughed it's hard to ...

Food Safety for Globe Trekkers

There's nothing that can ruin foreign travel faster than ignoring food safety precautions--just ask anyone who's ever suffered traveler's ... tags: bacteriacuisinedeveloping_countriesdiarrheaeatingfoodfood_poisoning

How to Use Bagged Salad Greens Safely

Pre-cut bagged salad greens are convenient, but is it clean and safe to use right out of the bag What about storing the leftovers Cynthia ... tags: Baggedbagged_saladfood_safetyGreensgreensHowhealthy_eatingHealth_Diet_Nutrition

How to Choose Food Safe Plastics

Not all plastics are created equal, especially when it comes to those used for storing and packaging food. Some contain chemicals that ... tags: ChooseFoodfood_safetyfood_safe_plasticsHealthy_LivingHealth_General_Healthhealth_tips

Is Too Much Coffee Unhealthy?

Are the java jitters a hazard to your heart Is a two cup-a-day habit dangerous Our healthy skeptic separates myths from facts. tags: bacteriafood_safetygrilling_safetyHealth

How to Get More Omega-3s in Your Diet

From fish to nuts, the list of foods that contain heart-healthy omega-3s is longand there's something on it for every taste. tags: environmentally_friendlyfood_safetyfruits_and_vegetablesHealthnutritionorganic

How to Find a Personal Trainer

Not all personal trainers are created equal. Whether you're trying to build mjuscles or lose weight, learn how to find the right personal ... tags: expiration_datesfood_safetyHealth

Foods that Fit Your Mood

The original 'hyper-chondriac,' author and humorist Brian Frazer shows you why your diet may not be agreeing with your energy type. tags: bacteriaconsumer_tipsexpiration_datesfood_safetygermsHealthorganic

Obama: Cut Regulations On Food Safety, Business, Fairness Doctrine

Facing Republican criticism, the Obama administration is planning to cut some government regulations in an effort to help reduce the budget ... tags: businessDoctrineFairnessFOODFood_SafetyObamaRegulations

Turkey tips on Phone, Facebook, Twitter & More

If youre roasting a turkey today for Thanksgiving here are food safety tips for making sure its not only delicious but safe to eat from ... tags: Consumer_IssuesFeature_Programsfood_safetyHealthy_LivingTurkeys