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Philippines Typhoon Crop Damages Worth $110 Mln-FAO

The typhoon that hit the Philippines has resulted in crop losses worth 110 million and an overall damage to the agriculture sector of more ... tags: Energy_cropsEnvironmentEnvironment_NewsFood_and_Agriculture_OrganizationFood_politicsIndonesiaLand_management

Operation Chicken Airlift: Retirement Planning for Hens

Hens who can no longer produce big eggs are now being rescued and sent to retirement villages where they can live out their days in peace. ...

Speculation transforms world food economy

Human survival has always depended on our ability to find or grow food for ourselves or exchange something to acquire it. That simple ... tags: Economyfinancial_crisisfinancial_speculationfood_politicsfood_securityLorraine_ChisholmRedeye

Farm To School: A Conversation with Marion Kalb-part 3

In this final segment, Marion Kalb, director of the Farm To School program, suggests practical ways to work with food service directors, ... tags: child_nutritioncookingfarmers_marketfarm_to_schoolFood_Drinkfood_politicsfresh_food

Farm To School: A Conversation with Marion Kalb-part 2

Marion Kalb continues the conversation around the Farm To School program, acknowledging that added costs for fresh foods are a challenge, ... tags: child_nutritioncookingfarmfarmers_marketfarm_to_schoolFood_Drinkfood_politics

Michael Pollan: In Defense Of Food

Michael Pollanaposs new book, In Defense of Food, provides the backdrop for his talk at the Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon, and this ... tags: cookingdefensefast_foodfoodfood_cultureFood_Drinkfood_industry

Raj Patel: The Value of Nothing-an Overview

In Patels new book, The Value of Nothing, he hones in on what it means to have corporate monopolies that can manipulate both price and ... tags: agriculturealan_greenspancheap_foodcultureenvironmentexternalitiesfarmers

Raj Patel: The Value of Nothing-The $200 Hamburger

Patel argues that corporations, driven only to achieve profits, do not try to satisfy real human needs. For example, Patel presents us with ... tags: agriculturealan_greenspancheap_foodcultureenvironmentexternalitiesfarmers

A Conversation with Dan Imhoff: An Introduction to the Farm Bill-Part 1

The 2007 Farm Bill legislation will cost taxpayers 90 billion dollars in farm subsidies, and will only benefit a small percentage of ... tags: 2007_farm_billbillcitizenscommodity_cropscookingdan_imhofffarm

A Conversation With Dan Imhoff-Part 2: Historical Roots and Evolution of the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill comes up for renewal every 5 to 7 years. But upon passage, that is just the beginning of a yearly battle for allocation of ... tags: 2007_farm_billbillcitizenscommodity_cropsdan_imhofffarmfarming

The Farmers Market from a Farmers Perspective

Opening day at the Portland Farmers Market brings thousands of visitors, and customers looking for fresh, local food, drink, music, and ... tags: agriculturecooking_fresh_foodcooking_up_a_storyenvironmentfarmersfood_politicsfood_stories