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17 - Victory Over Lust - 6-B"Porn in the Workplace"

Fitz shares stats about pornography's effect at the workplace.For more about his book Men, Let's Talk, see or for more scriptures, see ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

18 - Victory Over Lust 6-C "Pornography in the Workplace"

Fitz share testimonials of the negative use of pornography in the workplace.What are your rights if that happensFor more about his book ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

19 - Victory Over Lust 7A "Harmful Physical Effects"

In segment 7, Fitz reveals the harmful physical effects addiction to sex or masturbation can have on the body.For more about his book Men, ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

21- Victory Over Lust 7C "Harmful Physical Effects"

The harmful physical effects caused by excessive sex and/or masturbation.For more about his book Men, Let's Talk, see or for more ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

22 - Victory Over Lust, Pt.8-A "Women Addicted to Porn"

This first segment reveals the number of sites devoted to sex, pornogrphy and pervrsions, which makes it too easy to be exposed at any ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

23 - Victory Over Lust, Pt.8-B "Women Addicted to Porn"

Stats about women who are addicted to sex and pornography as well as what lead to the addictions.For more about his book Men, Let's Talk, ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

24 - Victory Over Lust, Pt.8-C "Women Addicted to Porn"

What kinds of behavior reveals a personaddicted to sex or pornographyFor more about his book Men, Let's Talk, see or for more scriptures, ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

25 - Victory Over Lust, Pt.9-A"Pornography

How does pornography addiction get started What personality trait conditions make it perfect for a person to get addicted to anything.For ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

26 Victory Over Lust, Pt.9-B "Pornography

Why is pornography causing marriages to break upWhat is it about pornography that makes a man choose it over his wife For more about his ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

27 Victory Over Lust, Pt.9-C "Pornography

The signs of behavior to watch for to see if your spouse is addicted to pornography.For more about his book Men, Let's Talk, see or for ... tags: addictionDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHoustonLust

10 - Victory Over Lust, Pt.4-A - Porn's Effect on Women

Learn the negative way that pornography and pornography addiction effects women.Statistics, scriptures, testimonies and more.For more about ... tags: addictiondeliveranceDirectionFitzFitzhughguestHouston