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Fetal Development Week Twenty Four

Now that you've reached week 24 of pregnancy, your fetus will be making some big steps in learning to breathe for him or herself. Want to ... tags: 24_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_24fetus_at_twenty_four_weekspregnancy_by_week

Fetal Development Week Twenty Seven

During week 27 of pregnancy, your trimester will come to a close, and your baby will be bigger for the experience. At this point of fetal ... tags: 27_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_hiccupsend_of_second_trimesterfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_27

Fetal Development Week Twenty Eight

Eyes wide open, your baby has reached a point in fetal development where he or she may be able to discern light filtering through your ... tags: 28_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_hiccupsend_of_second_trimesterfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_28

Fetal Development Week Twenty Nine

Grab a healthy-sized squash during week 29 of pregnancy and picture your baby's body But growth isn't the only change in his or her fetal ... tags: 29_weeksbaby_calciumbaby_developmentbaby_kicksbaby_movementfetal_developmentfetal_development_video

Fetal Development Week Thirty One

Did you know that your baby's amniotic fluid is replaced every two days This is good news, because by week 31 of pregnancy, he or she will ... tags: 31_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_urinefetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_31fetal_urine

Fetal Development Week Thirty Eight

All systems are set for delivery At week 38 of pregnancy, your baby boy or girl is a fully functioning little person ready to take on the ... tags: 38_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_38fetus_at_thirty_eight_weeksfull_term

Fetal Development Week Forty

Yippee By week 40, fetal development should be 100-percent complete and your baby will be born-or just about Wondering what to expect for ... tags: 40_weeksbaby_developmentdeliveryfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_40fetal_development_week_forty

Fetal Development Week Forty One

If you have yet to deliver, take heart. By week 41, fetal development is complete and many doctors will induce labor to ensure that your ... tags: 41_weeksbaby_developmentdeliveryfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_41fetus_at_forty_one_weeks

Fetal Development Weeks One to Three

In week one of pregnancy, you won't even be pregnant yet While most women conceive during the week of their cycle-when they ovulate-the ... tags: 1_week_pregnant2_weeks_pregnant3_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentconceptionfetal_developmentfetal_development_video

Fetal Development Week Four

In week four of pregnancy, you probably just found out that you're pregnant, but your baby has been growing since the moment of conception. ... tags: 4_weeks_pregnantamniotic_fluidamniotic_sacbaby_developmentembryofetal_developmentfetal_development_video

Fetal Development Week Eleven

Welcome to your video fetal developmental update for pregnancy, week 11. At this point, your fig-sized fetus is busy learning to move and ... tags: 11_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmenteleven_weeks_pregnantembryo_to_fetusfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_11

Fetal Development Week Fourteen

Just seven days ago, your baby was the size of a clementine, but now he or she is as big as a peach Fruit comparisons aside, week 14 of ... tags: 14_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentbaby_genderfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_14fetus_at_14_weeks