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Supertaster Daily: Coco Breve

Supertaster sips on the presumably refreshing Coco Breve, a new alcoholic beverage made with coconut water.

A Little Kimchi, Anyone?

About 2,000 South Koreans made more than 200 tons of kimchi for people in need at a charity event.Powered by www.newslook.comProducer ... tags: CabbageFermentedfoodKimchikoreaNewsOdd

The Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

An Access to Health Experts interview with special guest interview with Sandor katz, author of Wild Fermentation The Flavor, Nutrition, and ... tags: Alternative_HealthdiseasefermentationfermentedFitness_Nutritionfoodshealth

The Healthful Benefits of Making and Eating Fermented Foods

An Access to Health Experts interview with special guest Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation.nbspHe discusses fermented foods as an ... tags: Alternative_HealthdietfermentationfermentedFitness_Nutritionfoodhealth

Minecraft Potions 101 (Ep. 2) - Throwable Potions - Minecraft 1.9 PR4 Potions Tutorial

In the 1.9 pre-release 4 the ability to brew potions was expanded on, now including two new ingredients and a whole new subset of potions - ... tags: attackblazebreathingbrewcauldroncomprehensivecraft

Minecraft 1.9 POTION BREWING STAND ! Recipes, Cauldron & More!

GameChap and Bertie set about brewing a batch of new Potions in Minecraft 1.9 Pre Release 3 Use ingredients such as Nether Wart, Ghast ... tags: bertieblazebottlesbrewingbritishcauldronscomedy

Comprehensive Potions Tutorial - Potions 101 - Minecraft 1.9

In the 1.9 pre-release 3 one of the biggest new additions was the ability to craft or quotbrewquot potions using the brewing stand. ... tags: blazebreathingbrewcauldroncomprehensivecraftcream

Minecraft 1.9 Potions REVEALED! Working Potions in Hidden Cauldron Brew!

GameChap and Bertie demonstrate the spiffing new Potions in Minecraft 1.9 Brew special items in a cauldron for status-enhancing potions, ... tags: bertiebetablazeblindnessbottlesbrewbrewing