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Samsung shows off its new Galaxy Pro tablets - CES 2014

We take a look at Samsung's new 12.2-inch Galaxy NotePro and Galaxy TabPro tablets. tags: cesces-2014companiesfeaturegalaxy-tab-pronote-prosamsung

News: Halo 5 on Xbox One Gets New Concept Art

343 has released a sneak peek at a location that 'features prominently' in the next Halo game. tags: breaking-newsfeaturegameshalo-5halo-xbox-oneign-newsnews

PlayStation Now Recommends 5Mb/s Connection

PlayStation Now will recommends an internet connection speed of 5Mb/s to ensure a 'good experience', according to Sony. tags: breaking-newsconsolefeaturegamesignign-newsnews

Is Toyota's 3-Wheel iRoad the Future of Cars? - CES 2014

Toyota's iRoad will change the game for single drivers who are looking for something different. tags: cesces-2014featureiroadtoyota

The Best Movie of 2013: Gravity - IGN's Best of 2013

The space thriller skyrocketed past its competition to be the most memorable and suspenseful theater experience of the year. tags: featuregravitymovie

The Best TV Show of 2013: Breaking Bad - IGN's Best of 2013

While most shows whimper towards their series finale, Breaking Bad came to an end in 2013 with one of its strongest seasons ever. tags: breaking-badfeatureshows

The People's Choice Award for Best Game of 2013 - IGN's Best of 2013

GTA 5 The Last of Us Super Mario 3D World This is the game you the people think deserves to be the game of the year. tags: featuregamesplaystation-3the-last-of-us

Toyota Crafts Tron-Like Concept Car - CES 2014

Toyota revealed at CES 2014 a high tech concept bike/car that's streering wheel free and completely computerized. tags: cesces-2014concept-carfeaturetoyotatron

News: Titanfall Maps Can Hold Up to 48 Competitors

Titanfall developer Respawn has responded to criticism over the number of players in each match, revealing AI and mechs will boost the ... tags: breaking-newsfeaturegamesign-newsnewsnonepc

The Best Craft Achievements of 2013 - IGN's Best of 2013

Games in 2013 were full of amazing art and remarkable innovation. From sight to sound to gameplay - here is who did it best. tags: device-6featuregamesgone-homeiphonelinuxmacintosh

Bravely Default -- Commentary Part Two

In part two of our commentary series, IGN editors Jose Otero and Brian Albert focus on the perks of the job system. tags: bravely-defaultfeaturegamesnintendo-3ds