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Powell: Syria's Assad a "pathological liar"

Bob Schieffer spoke with former Secretary of State Colin Powell for 'Face the Nation' about his take on the violence in Syria and whether ...

Santorum: We lost the war in Iraq

Sen. Rick Santorum R-PA, 2012 GOP presidential candidate, spoke with Bob Schieffer on the U.S. troop withdrawal in Iraq and the possible ...

Remembering Robert Pierpoint

Bob Schieffer remembers Robert Pierpoint, the White House correspondent who covered six presidents during a career of more than 40 years at ...

Bachmann: Obama's foreign policy is a failure

Rep. Michele Bachmann, 2012 GOP presidential candidate, spoke with Bob Schieffer on her foreign policy and how the lack of U.S. troops in ...

Cain: Planned Parenthood is planned genocide

Speaking to a group of reporters at the conservative Heritage Foundation on March 15, 2011, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain referred ...

Bob Schieffer proves baseball is the greatest sport

Bob Schieffer likes golf, loves college football, but comments on why he feels baseball is the greatest game of all.

GOP voters still searching for frontrunner

CBS News political analyst John Dickerson spoke with Bob Schieffer on Herman Cain's opposition to abortion, his popularity among the ...

Schieffer puts Cain on hot seat for smoking ad

Bob Schieffer speaks about his 'Face the Nation' interview with GOP presidential Herman Cain, during which he gave his 'editorial opinion' ...

Herman Cain talks 9-9-9, smoking ad, abortion

In Full Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain speaks to Bob Schieffer on 'Face the Nation' about his controversial 9-9-9 plan, his ...

This Sunday: CBS GOP debate analysis

Bob Schieffer previews Sunday's show following CBS News/National Journal's GOP debate. Guests include presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, ...

Schieffer on the fall of icons

Bob Schieffer comments on the scandal that forced famed Penn State football coach Joe Paterno out and is reminded on how the fall of icons ...

Toomey: It's still possible to reach an agreement

Sen. Pat Toomey talks with Bob Schieffer about the deficit and what may be the problem in Washington preventing democrats and republicans ...