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Rhino Orphanage

Baby rhinos get a chance after escaping the clutch... tags: cutedirector:Diagonal_Viewescapeextinctfamilyhornorphan

Rare dinosaur skeleton sells for £400,000 in UK auction

A rare diplodocus skeleton has sold at auction for 400,000 - more than double the cost of the average house. Report by Crossc. Like us on ... tags: Americaauctiondinosaurdinosaursdinosaur_museumdinosaur_worlddiplodocus

14-million-year-old whale fossil discovered on shore of Potomac

Jon Bachman spotted a portion of a bone sticking out of a cliff along the Potomac River. It turned out to be the skull of a whale that ...

Conservationists fight to save giant panda in China

It's believed 1,600 pandas live in the wild today, down from nearly 2,500 in the 1970s. The Chinese government has set up more than 60 ...

Headlines: Space tourism company offers moon rides

'CBS This Morning' takes a look at some of the day's headlines from around the globe.

Back from the dead! 'Extinct' rhino caught on camera

A Sumatran rhino, thought to be extinct in eastern Borneo, has been caught on camera in the rainforest. Report by Lambornk. Like us on ...

New video gives hope for Javan rhino population

Six extremely rare Javan rhino calves show up on footage taken from a hidden camera in Indonesia's Ujung Kulon National Park. Felipe Maya ...

Asiatic cheetahs near extinction

The Asiatic Cheetah is endangered species with only a few left in Iran and nowhere else in the World. Iran is trying to conserve this ...

Endangered rhino caught on camera

Conservation groups in Indonesia are rejoicing at footage of the critically endangered Sumatran rhino. The animal was thought to have been ...

Poaching Could Lead to Elephant Extinction Within 12 Years

Elephants have roamed the African savannah for 50 million years, but if the escalating poaching problem isnt stopped, elephants could be ... tags: 12elephantelephantsEnvironmentextinctextinctionNews

Paris Hilton Clears a Brazilian Dance Floor and More!

Today on The Daily Brief we look at the following topicsParis Hilton's DJ FAIL,RIM To Divide Company,Lonesome George Dies tags: chloeextinctfailhardwarehiltonpoprim