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Video: Charles Says He's `Still Optimistic' on Bank of America: Video

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Brian Charles, an analyst at RW Pressprich Co., discusses Bank of America Corp.s fourth-quarter loss and the outlook ... tags: AssetsBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCorporateCrisis,Earnings,English

Video: Brown Says Credit Only `Good Thing' in BofA's Quarter

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Thomas Brown, chief executive officer of Curve Capital LLC and a Bloomberg Television contributing editor, discusses ... tags: AssetsBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCorporateCrisis,Earnings,English

Video: Heim Says Chiesi's Guilty Plea May Pressure Rajaratnam

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- Robert Heim, a partner at Meyers Heim LLP and a former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission attorney, discusses ... tags: Affairs,Analysis,Litigation,MediaBusinessBuyingComm,cstickersDepartment,Legal

Video: Schutz Says Mark-to-Market Hurt Citigroup Earnings

Jan. 18 Bloomberg -- Anton Schutz, president of Mendon Capital Advisors Corp., discusses Citigroup Inc.s fourth-quarter earnings reported ... tags: BusinesscstickersExperts,News,SecuritiesFinance,EnglishFirms,SyndicatedInterview,Multimedia-MarketMedia

Video: Portales's Peabody Says Citigroup's Earnings Were `Weak'

Jan. 18 Bloomberg -- Charles Peabody, an analyst at Portales Partners LLC, discusses Citigroup Inc.s fourth-quarter earnings. ... tags: BusinesscstickersExperts,News,SecuritiesFinance,EnglishFirms,SyndicatedMediaMultimedia,Financial

Video: Townsend Says JPMorgan to Raise Dividend, Buy Back Stock

Jan. 14 Bloomberg -- Gary Townsend, president of Hill-Townsend Capital LLC, talks about JPMorgan Chase Co.'s fourth-quarter earnings and ... tags: BusinessCrunch,cstickersExperts,News,SecuritiesFirms,StockMarketMedia

Video: McCaughan Says Investors Concerned About Portugal Bonds

Jan. 12 Bloomberg -- James McCaughan, chief executive officer of Principal Global Investors LLC, talks about Europe's debt crisis and ... tags: BondBonds,Interviews,IntlCrisis,Economic,Crunch,cstickersDebt,StockEconomies,Credit

Video: Tasho Says Tamro Sees `Renaissance' for Large-Cap Stocks

Jan. 5 Bloomberg -- Philip Tasho, chief investment officer at Tamro Capital Partners LLC, talks about the firm's investment strategy and ... tags: Advisers,Machinery,CapcstickersExperts,News,SecuritiesFirms,SmallManufacturing,Markets,MediaMarket

Video: Jacob Says Facebook's $50 Billion Valuation `Justified'

Jan. 4 Bloomberg -- Ryan Jacob, chairman and fund manager at Jacob Asset Management, discusses Facebook Inc.'s estimated 50 billion ... tags: BusinesscstickersExperts,News,SecuritiesFinance,EnglishFirms,SocialMediaMultimedia,Financial

Video: Scott Galloway Calls Facebook Financing a `Deft Move'

Jan. 4 Bloomberg -- Scott Galloway, founder of Firebrand Partners and a professor at New York University, talks about Goldman Sachs Group ... tags: BusinesscstickersExperts,News,SecuritiesFinance,EnglishFirms,SocialMarketMedia

Video: Binky Chadha Says Financial Stocks Are `Very Cheap'

Jan. 3 Bloomberg -- Binky Chadha, chief U.S. equity strategist at Deutsche Bank AG, talks about investment strategy and prospects for ... tags: BusinesscstickersExperts,News,SecuritiesFirms,StockMarketMediaMultimedia,Financial