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Video: Steinbrugge Likes Long-Short Equity, CTA Hedge Funds

Jan. 24 Bloomberg -- Don Steinbrugge, chairman of Agecroft Partners, talks about his investment strategy for hedge funds. Steinbrugge ... tags: Advisers,MediaBonds,HedgecstickersDept,Experts,MutualFunds,Funds,Interviews,Investment

Video: Cuggino Likes Gold, Swiss Franc, FedEx, State Street

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Michael Cuggino, president and portfolio manager at Permanent Portfolio Funds in San Francisco, talks about his ... tags: Advisers,Markets,MediaBonds,Interviews,InvestmentcstickersEstate,ex-Energy,CompanyExperts,MutualFirms,Stock

Video: Spark Capital's Koyfman Says Google `Lost Product Mojo'

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Moshe 'Mo' Koyfman, principal at Spark Capital, discusses the oulook for Google Inc. and other social-networking ... tags: BusinessCapitalcstickersExperts,MutualFinance,E-commerce,EnglishFunds,Goods,

Video: Beam Says Hotels, Apartments Offer Robust Rent Outlook: Video

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- Joel Beam, who manages the Forward Select Income Fund, discusses investment strategy in real estate. Beam talks with ... tags: Builders,HousingBusinesscstickersEconomy,UnitedEstate,Estate,CompanyExperts,Mutual

Video: Patel Says Stocks Are Better Investment Than Bonds

Jan. 19 Bloomberg -- Margaret Patel, a fund manager at Wells Capital Management, talks about investment strategy. Patel, speaking with Tom ... tags: Advisers,MediaBonds,High-YieldBonds,HousingcstickersEconomy,U.S.Experts,MutualFinance,Currencies,Economic

Video: Kedrosky Says Goldman Has `Egg on Face' Over Facebook

Jan. 18 Bloomberg -- Paul Kedrosky, a senior fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and a Bloomberg contributing editor, discusses ... tags: BusinessComm,cstickersExchExperts,MutualFirms,StockFunds,

Video: Sundt Says `Managed Futures' Not Correlated to Stocks

Jan 14 Bloomberg -- Jon Sundt, president and chief executive officer at Altegris Investments Inc., talks about so-called 'managed futures.' ... tags: Advisers,Markets,Mediacstickersex-Energy,Currencies,CurrencyExperts,MutualFunds,MarketMarkets,Commodities,

Video: Terry Keeley Says Pay-for-Play Bribes Are Widespread

Jan. 14 Bloomberg -- Terry Keeley, senior managing principal of Sovereign Trends LLC, discusses the U.S. Securities and Exchange ... tags: Affairs,BusinessChanges,SovereignComm,cstickersDebt,SovereignExch

Video: Stein Says Wall Street Will Pay Top Money for Top Talent

Jan. 13 Bloomberg -- George Stein, managing director at New York-based recruitment firm Commodity Talent LLC, talks about the pay disparity ... tags: BonusesBusinessCity,NewCompensation,FinancialcstickersExperts,MutualFirms,Stock

Video: Richard Says Intel Not Well-Positioned in Mobile Devices

Jan. 13 Bloomberg -- Auguste Gus' Richard, an analyst at Piper Jaffray Cos., discusses the outlook for Intel Corp. earnings and the ... tags: BusinessCommunicationsComputers,Interviews,MediacstickersExperts,MutualFinance,Earnings,EarningsFunds

Video: Stefanowski Sees `One Or Two' China Investments in 2011

Jan. 12 Bloomberg -- Robert Stefanowski, chairman and managing partner at 3i Group Plc's North America and Asia businesses, talks about ... tags: Acquisitions,Multimedia-MarketBuyout,Markets,MergersCapitalcstickersExperts,MutualFunds,funds,Company

Video: Bennenbroek Sees Dollar Gains Versus Yen, Euro in 2011

Jan. 10 Bloomberg -- Nick Bennenbroek, head of currency strategy at Wells Fargo Co., talks about the outlook for the dollar and currency ... tags: Bank,FeatureBanks,CountryBondBonds,GovernmentBusinessCentralComments,Government