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Eu-ukraine 2013 Videos by Popular

Anti government protesters in Kyiv reject Ukrainian-Russian pact

Anti-government protesters continue to brave the cold in Kyivs Independence Square. Music and colourful tents help keep momentum high but ... tags: AntiEU-Ukraine_2013GasgovernmentKyivpactprotesters

Fresh anti-government protests as Ukrainian government signs bailout agreement with Russia

In the Ukrainian capital, anti-government protesters are demanding the resignation of President Yanukovych and Prime Minister Azarov. The ... tags: agreementEU-Ukraine_2013GasgovernmentKievprotestsProtests_in_Ukraine

Russia bails out Ukraine, but at what cost?

Russia has agreed to purchase 11 billion euros of Ukraines debt and to cut the price its neighbour pays for gas by about a third.The deal ... tags: bailsbutcostEU-Ukraine_2013GasRussiaRussian_politics

Decisive Tuesday in Ukraine as opposition calls for another large rally in Kyiv

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are maintaining a stubborn presence in Kyivs Independence Square as the EU says it is halting work on a ... tags: callsEU-Ukraine_2013forKievKyivlargeProtests_in_Ukraine

Ukraine: supporters of President Yanukovych gather in Kyiv

Several thousand demonstrators gathered in Kyivs Marinsky Park region in support of President Victor Yanukovychs government.Many of the ... tags: EU-Ukraine_2013gatherKievKyivPresidentProtests_in_UkraineUkraine

Ukraine seeks 20 bln euros in EU aid

Ukraine wants 20 billion euros in economic aid from the EU in return for signing a trade pact with the bloc.EU foreign policy chief ... tags: aidblnEU-Ukraine_2013European_UnioneurosKievseeks

Kyiv protesters brave the cold as political tug-of-war continues

Ukrainian anti-government protesters stood their ground in Kyivs Independence Square on Thursday. They rebuilt barricades after the police ... tags: bravecontinuesEU-Ukraine_2013KyivpoliticalprotestersProtests_in_Ukraine

European Parliament calls for EU intervention in Ukraine crisis

The European Parliament has called on the EU to do more to support eastern partners seeking closer European ties.The session in Strasbourg ... tags: callscrisisEU-Ukraine_2013EuropeanEuropean_Unionforintervention

Ukraine's deputy prime minister in talks with EU commissioner

Talks about a trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU resumed today in Brussels.Europes Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fle sat down ... tags: commissionerdeputyDiplomatic_tensionEU-Ukraine_2013Kievministerprime

Ukrainian riot police pull out of main Kyiv square

Ukrainian riot police withdrew from Maidan Square in Kyiv on Wednesday, following a failed overnight move to storm City Hall and remove ... tags: EU-Ukraine_2013KievKyivPoliceProtests_in_Ukrainepullriot

Riot police raid protester camps during night of clashes

Security forces clashed with anti-government protesters as they began tearing down barricades and tents set up in the central Kiev early on ... tags: clashesClashes_and_riotsEU-Ukraine_2013KievpoliceProtestProtests_in_Ukraine

US considers sanctions against Ukraine as Yanukovych's offer of talks with the opposition is ...

The barriers have gone up again in Independence Square in Kyiv with the protesters defiant in the teeth of a bitter chill. Diplomatic ... tags: againstEU-Ukraine_2013Kievofferoppositionrejectedsanctions