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Detecting Around a Castle and POW Camp

I was lucky enough to be invited up to Featherstone Castle to detect the surrounding fields. Nearby there was the remains of a POW camp ... tags: 150250acecampcastlecoincross

Quick Pasture Hunt with Minelab Etrac

A quick hunt 2.5 hours in the field in front of my house. This field has produced a few coins but very few silver - most are well worn ... tags: beachchurchcoilcoincoinsdeepdeeptech

Etrac Coin Shooting - Coins, Coins, Coins

Another awesome coin hunting session which produced 90 coins in 4 hours. Only 4 silver coins, 2 of which were worn badly but a great hunt ... tags: 1501st250350acebeachcoin

How to Identify Male and Female German Blue Rams

This video shows how to tell the difference between male and female blue rams by identifying the following ways to identify male from ... tags: advicealderandAquariumAquaticaquaticsArea

How to Identify Male and Female Livebearers

This video shows how to tell the difference between male and female guppies, mollies, platy, swordtails, endlers and other common tropical ... tags: advicealderandAquariumAquaticaquaticsArea

Pro-tectors Control and Handle Covers for Minelab Metal Detectors

When you've spent good money on a quality detector, you want it to stay in good condition. Thats where the 'Pro-tectors' range of ... tags: accessoriesbattlecoinscoversdetectingdetectordig

Metal Detecting around an 18th Century Mansion

Plenty of coins again - but only one silver which was a bit of a bummer. I have already done most of this site very thoroughly with my ... tags: detectingetracfieldfindsfootpathgardenhouse

Metal Detecting on Holy Island - Another Hammered Coin

I wait a year to find my first silver hammered coin then in the space of 4 days I find two. The first one was a King Edward I penny Exeter ... tags: 150250350beachblaydoncoilcoin

Detecting Finds From Local Fields

Since I have been working, I have been going out detecting early morning or late at night in the fields around my house in the pursuit of a ... tags: coindetectingdetectorequipmentetracfindsgarrett

Great Silver Coin find using Minelab Etrac with Roman Coin Pattern

This is the oldest silver coin I have found so far with the Etrac. 90 of my detecting is done in pasture land which has seldom or never ... tags: beachbookcoindetectingepicetracfield

Silver Coin Makes a Great Hunt with Minelab Etrac

Results of a 3 hour hunt in a field which has been hammered to death over the last few decades. I am still on a mission to find a hammered ... tags: beachcoindetectingetracfloringarrettgeorge