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Estrogen Videos - 2 by Popular

Prescription Birth Control - The Pill

Oral contraception, or the Pill, is the birth control method preferred by over 12 million American women Why is it so popular tags: abortionanalcondomcontraceptioncontraceptiveeggejaculate

When Can You Get Pregnant?

Believe it or not, you can ONLY conceive during your small fertile window, which occurs during each cycle, on the five days before, and the ... tags: become_pregnantbest_times_to_get_pregnantbirthcervixconceiveconceptionconception_advice

Female Infertility

When a couple has trouble making a baby together, both partners feel devastated. In this video, we'll look at common causes of female ... tags: become_pregnantbirthcauses_of_female_infertilitycervixconceiveegg:_Healthendometriosis

Emotions and Pregnancy

Are you giggling one moment and sobbing the next Welcome to pregnancy Let's look at what you can expect emotionally during this time. tags: emotional_during_pregnancyemotions_during_pregnancyestrogenfetal_health:_HealthfetusHealth_Videohormones

Our Birth Control Undermines Amphibians

Human oral contraceptives that find their way back into the environment might be having an effect on frog mating. Christopher Intagliata ... tags: amphibiansEstrogenScience_MedicineTechnology ~ 4 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism ~ Health & Wellness Tip

Visit formore health tips and videos or follow us on http It's true that our metabolisms slow down as we age but that ... tags: agingcardiovascular exerciseestrogenexercisefitnesshealthhealth safety

Managing Stress and Depression in Chronic Illness

Dealing with a chronic illness like heart disease or type 2 diabetes can cause depression and stress. Here's how to cope. tags: estrogenHealthhormones_pregnancywomen's_health

How to Treat Post Acne Red Spots

In this first episode of February 2012's viewer questions week, Dr. Schultz answers questions from viewers. Topics include How ... tags: Acneacne_controlacne_red_spotsagingHowBest_AntioxidantsDermTVDr._Neal_Schultz

Do birth control pills give you migraines? (Conditions AZ)

Birth control pills may reduce the number of migraine attacks in some women, while they INCREASE the number AND severity for others. And ... tags: birth controlbirth control pillsBodyBraincontraceptivesCureestrogen

Puberty: Guide for Parents - Early and Late Development

Early or late puberty are usually no reason for parents to worry about their child's health. visits the Montreal Children's Hospital to ... tags: adolescenceadultadviceboyschildrendevelopmentestrogen

Estro-Rhythm by It Works Global

12/05/11 Estro-Rhythm is the world's first naturally based, single-use daily system for menopausal symptoms. Its superior ... tags: allbestathomebodywrapsBodyemotionalEstro-Rhythmestrogenfirst