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Not in the mood? Why sexual desire can dwindle

It isn't always easy to talk about, but many women find themselves losing interest in sex as they get older. CBS News chief medical ...

Why Men Need Estrogen

While low testosterone is often blamed for lowered sex drive and potentially dangerous increased fat accumulation in men, recently doctors ...

Keeping Your Ovaries Until After Menopause

Estrogen, the female hormone produced by a woman's ovaries, has a number of health benefits, including protection from cognitive impairment ... tags: cancercognitiveestrogenhysterectomyimpairmentovarianovaries

How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia

A personal trainer draws the distinction between gynecomastia and man boobs, and shares how you can get rid of the condition. tags: boobsestrogenexcessfitnessgynecomastiahormonesman

How To Get Rid Of Moobs

You have to follow a healthy diet and also do some exercises on your pectoral region if you want to get rid of moobs or man boobs. But ... tags: boobscaloriescarbohydratesestrogengynecomastiamajormale

How To Treat Losing Hair During Pregnancy

This guide is a guide time saver that will enable you to get good at hair loss, pregnancy. Learn How To Treat Losing Hair During Pregnancy ... tags: estrogenhairlossminoxidilpregnancytreatment

How cortisol and estrogen levels affect concentration and memory

Where in the world did you put those car keys Dr. Marianne Legato explains how the hormones cortisol and estrogen affect a woman's ability ... tags: cortisoldr.estrogenfemalelegatolevelsmarianne

Container Chemical BPA Could Cause Obesity in Young Girls

The chemical, found in plastic and cans, mimics estrogen. Researchers think it may accelerate the onset of puberty. tags: bisphenol-abpachineseestrogengirlshealthnews

Menopause - Treatment Options (Part 2)

Menopause is a natural transition in a womans life, not a medical problem. However, many women have a tough time with menopausal symptoms ... tags: blancharddietestrogengynecologistgynecologymaymenopause

Behavioral Birth Control

Behavioral methods of birth control are 100 free of charge-but they don't always work. Learn the pros and cons right here. tags: abortionabstinenceanalbehavioralcondomcontraceptioncontraceptive

Internal Birth Control - Diaphragms

Diaphragms, rings, and implants, oh my These discreet, internal methods of birth control may be just the ticket for your pregnancy ... tags: abortionanalcondomcontraceptioncontraceptivediaphragmegg

Hormonal Birth Control - The Patch & the Shot

Hormonal birth control doesn't have to start and end with the Pill Here, we look at other options, including the patch and the shot. tags: abortionanalcondomcontraceptioncontraceptivedepo-proveraegg