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Analysts: Riyadh seeking to escalate campaign against Lebanon's Hezbollah

What is behind the surprise Saudi decision to provide 3 billion dollars worth of military aid to the Lebanese army tags: AgainstCampaignEscalationHezbollahLebanonMiddle_EastRiadh

Israel escalates attacks on Palestinians in West Bank

There has been an increase in attacks against Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli army which now use live bullets against protesters. tags: AttacksEscalationIsraelMiddle_EastPalestine

Kerry says South Sudan must prevent escalation of tensions

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday December 17 opposing factions in South Sudan ... tags: andCutescalationhaveJohnpeopleprevent

★ Transformers Fall of Cybertron - Part 2 - Co-Op Escalation in Downfall

Transformers Fall of Cybertron - Part 2 - Co-Op Escalation in Downfall

North Korea closes shared industrial park

The latest threat from North Korea comes as President Kim Jung Un made good on his promise to close the Kaesong Industrial park. Margaret ...

Putin: N. Korea conflict could result in disaster worse than Chernobyl

Russian President Vladimir Putin says tension in North Korea could cause a nuclear disaster that would make Chernobyl seem like a 'child's ...

North Korea closes only business partnership with the South

North Korea's dictator is shutting down the Kaesong Industrial Park - the only business partnership the country has with the South. ...

S. Korea warns about potential N. Korea missile attack

South Korea's national security adviser warned that North Korea may launch a missile in April. Despite the threats, the U.S. Embassy in ...

Amid, N. Korea threats, U.S. missile defense system on alert

Due to North Korea's missile threat, Gen. James Thurman has canceled a return to Washington. Also, the U.S. canceled what would have been a ...

North Korea continues to threaten war

South Koreans are beginning to worry more as North Korea refuses to back down from talks of war. Margaret Brennan reports.

How seriously should we take North Korea's threats?

Former Ambassador to South Korea, Christopher Hill gives his insight into the threats coming from North Korea.

Last point of contact cut off between North and South Korea

North Korea has blocked the road to the Kaesong industrial park which has stopped South Korean workers and supplies from reaching the site, ...