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Himalayan brown bears now critically endangered

Once found in large numbers in northern Pakistan, the Himalayan brown bear is now a critically endangered species. Only small populations ... tags: AnimalsbearsbrowncriticallyendangeredEnvironmental_protectionHimalayan

India implement new laws to save endangered species

The government of the Kerala state is planning to implement new strict laws banning plastic from entering the the Eravikulam national Park, ... tags: AnimalsEndangeredGoat_LikeIndiaLawsNilgiri_TahrSpecies

Rangers hunt down rhinos in effort to save them

This helicopter is not full of armed poachers, but rhino saviours. The Kenia Wildlife Service tranquilises the animals in an operation for ... tags: AnimalDownEndangeredHuntRhinoRhinosThem

Rise in smuggled animal products

By Joe PickoverThe Home Office has revealed that more items were confiscated between April 2012 and April 2013 than in any other year. tags: animalsborder_forcecontrabandendangerednewseurope_newsseizedsmuggle

Rare Saola ox spotted for first time in a decade

One of the rarest and most threatened mammals on earth has been caught on camera in Vietnam for the first time in 15 years, renewing hope ...

Elephant Vs. Hippo: Extremely Rare Images Show Attack

This female hippo was flipped several feet into the air as she stood her ground against an aggressive elephant bull at the Erindi Private ...

Baby rhino orphanage in Africa gives calves a second chance

Volunteers in South Africa are giving up their time to give baby rhinos orphaned by poachers a chance. Report by Blakel. Like us on ...

Up close with world's most endangered seahorse

Found only in a few estuaries along the South African coast, the Knysna seahorse is the most threatened seahorse species on earth -- which ...

Conservationists fight to save giant panda in China

It's believed 1,600 pandas live in the wild today, down from nearly 2,500 in the 1970s. The Chinese government has set up more than 60 ...

The evolving roles of zoos

With so many animals in displays becoming endangered, the St. Louis Zoo is pressured to shift its focus from exhibition to conservation. ...

New video gives hope for Javan rhino population

Six extremely rare Javan rhino calves show up on footage taken from a hidden camera in Indonesia's Ujung Kulon National Park. Felipe Maya ...

White lion cub meets the media in Belgrade

A zoo in Belgrade, Serbia unveiled its latest addition, a rare white lion cub. The young female was born on September 27. Report by Blakel. ...