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How to treat sore feet

You might feel great after a long run... but sometimes your feet don't. Phoenix Mercury athletic trainer Tamara Poole offers some tips for ... tags: Empowherfoot_painfoot_problemsHowdiniremedy_for_sore_feetsore_feet_from_runningsore_feet_remedies

How to treat a sprain

Sprains can take you out of the game - but there are steps you can follow to make a quick recovery. Phoenix Mercury athletic trainer Tamara ... tags: ankle_sprainankle_sprain_treatmentEmpowherHowdinisprained_ankle_treatmentsprain_treatmentsprain_treatments

How to treat different grades of sports injury sprains

There are different grades of sprains. Phoenix Mercury athletic trainer Tamara Poole explains the severity of each sprain and how to treat ... tags: ankle_sprainankle_sprain_treatmentEmpowherHowdinisprained_ankle_treatmentsprain_treatmentsprain_treatments

How does a woman's body change through her life?

Renowned fitness expert and author Dr. Pamela Peeke discusses the various body changes that a woman experiences throughout her life. tags: body_shapedr._pamela_peekeempowherfemale_body_changesfemale_hormoneshowdinimenopause

How to know when chicken is done cooking

Make a delicious chicken dinner tonight The Bikini Chef Susan Irby explains how to determine when chicken is thoroughly cooked. tags: chicken_recipescooking_chickenempowherhowdinihow_to_cook_chickensusan_irbythe_bikini_chef

How to cut calories while cooking

If you're looking to slim down, start in the kitchen The Bikini Chef Susan Irby shares some of her best calorie-cutting tips. tags: cut_caloriesempowherhowdinihow_to_cut_calorieshow_to_eat_healthyhow_to_lose_weightsusan_irby

How to determine food portions

Portion control is key to a healthy lifestyle. The Bikini Chef Susan Irby describes how a woman can determine the correct serving size when ... tags: empowherhowdiniportion_controlportion_serving_sizesserving_sizessusan_irbythe_bikini_chef

How is endometriosis diagnosed?

It's possible for a woman to have endometriosis and not even know. Dr. Magtibay describes how a physician diagnoses a woman with ... tags: diagnosisdr.empowherendometriosisismagtibaypaul

Do women have more profound addictions to nicotine?

Are you having trouble quitting smoking Dr. Marianne Legato shares if nicotine addictions are more profound in women. tags: addictionsdr.empowherinlegatomariannenicotine

What is pink eye?

Dr. Aleta Gong describes the telltale symptoms of conjuntivitis, or pink eye.Distributed by tags: AletaConjunctivitisDr.EmpowHEReyeGongPink

Understanding depression: Is there more than one type?

Psychiatrist Dr. Henry Emmons shares how he classifies depression into three major types -- anxious, agitated and lethargic.Distributed by ... tags: AnxietyDepressionDr.EmmonsEmpowHERHenrytypes