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In this edition of the show Faiza Ahmed reviews the film Emperor, directed by Peter Webber.After the defeat of Japan in World War II, the ... tags: EmperorEmperor_HirohitoFilm_ReviewGeneral_Douglas_MacArthurJapanPeter_WebberPress_TV

Fox enjoys freedom of film

By Lauren TurnerThe 47-year-old made his name on the small screen, with shows such as Party Of Five and Lost, but has made the transition ...

'Emperor': salvate il soldato Hiroito

Alla fine della a guerra mondiale gli Stati uniti si trovarono a dover rispondere a una domanda cruciale l'imperatore giapponese Hirohito ... tags: cinemaEmperor:euronewsFilmguerramondialesalvate

Emperor explores US post war ties with Japan

When Japan surrendered at the end of the World War, the US Supreme Commander was tasked with deciding the fate of Emperor Hirohito.Tommy ... tags: cinemadramaEmperoreuronewsexploresHistoricalJapan

Nanzen-ji Temple in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto!

Nanzen-ji temple was founded in 1291 by the imperial order, and is the headquarters of the Nanzen-ji school of the Rinzai Sect. The ... tags: ashikagaBuddhismEmperorgozanKameyamaKyotokyōto

The Floating Islands of Kannon-ji Temple!

This is a temple that is said to have been built in the reign of Emperor Tenmu 673-686and the principal image is Juichimen Kanze Kannon ... tags: buddhismemperorJapankannon-jiKyotanabeKyotoShomu

Konzo-ji Temple on Oshio Mountain!

This mountain temple is situated on Oshio mount about 350 meters above sea level. A small steep road leads to the temple, there is also a ... tags: buddhismemperorgenshouJapanKonzo-jiKyotonishikyo-ku

The Sports Shrine of Kyoto: Shiramine!

Shiramine Shrine is a Shinto Shrine in Kamigy-ku, Kyoto. The Shrine is dedicated to the veneration of the kami of Emperor Junnin and ... tags: asukaiclanEmperorJunninkemariPrinceshiramine

Comb Festival at Yasui Konpira-Gu!

Yasui Konpira-gu is a popular temple located in Kyoto which enshrines three deities, namely, Emperor Sutoku, Oomono-no-nushi, and Minamoto ... tags: EmperorHōgenJapanKyotoMinamotonoRebellion

Yamanobe-no-Michi-Japan's Oldest Road! Pt 2

Obitoke-dera Temple in NaraThis was our first stop on the part of the Yamanobe-no-Michi trail. A famous temple for would be mothers and a ... tags: EmperorempressfujiwaraJapanNaraobitoke-deraPrefecture

Yamanobe-no Michi-Japan's Oldest Road!-Pt 3

Yamanobe no Michi is a hiking trail which runs north to south on the eastern foot of mountains in the Nara basin. The path was originally ... tags: EmperorIsonokamiKeikoNaraPrefectureShrineSujin

Emperor - Clip #1 [HD] [NoPopCorn] VO

Ralis par Peter Webber.Avec Matthew Fox, Tommy Lee Jones.'Aprs la capitulation japonaise, et tandis qu'il tente de retrouver son amour de ... tags: ClipemperorFoxHirohitoJonesLeeMatthew