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Emilio Rivera Videos by Popular

Making Up with the Old Lady

Harsh Times 2005 - Making Up with the Old Lady - When Mike Freddy Rodriguez returns to Sylvia8217s Eva Longoria Parker place with a new ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman

Shooting the Woman He Loves

Harsh Times 2005 - Shooting the Woman He Loves - On learning that Marta Tammy Trull is pregnant, Jim Christian Bale flies into an enraged ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman

A Soldier of the Apocalypse

Harsh Times 2005 - A Soldier of the Apocalypse - Jim Christian Bale reveals that he is going to pass up marrying his girlfriend to work as ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman

Four on One

Harsh Times 2005 - Four on One - Jim Christian Bale gets chased down by some gang bangers but he fights them off despite being outnumbered ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman


Harsh Times 2005 - Rageaholic - When Jim Christian Bale learns that he has been denied as a police officer candidate for the LAPD, he flies ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman

Mexican Paradise

Harsh Times 2005 - Mexican Paradise - Jim Christian Bale, Mike Freddy Rodriguez, and Toussant Chaka Forman enjoy some beers and the view in ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman

A Trunk Full of Weed

Harsh Times 2005 - A Trunk Full of Weed - Mike Freddy Rodriguez is shocked and terrified of Jim8217s Christian Bale erratic behavior after ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman

Harsh Times - Trailer #1

Harsh Times 2005 - Trailer 1 - Directed by David Ayer and starring Christian Bale, Freddy Rodrguez, Chaka Forman, J.K. Simmons, Michael ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman

What's It Like?

Harsh Times 2005 - What's It Like - Mike Freddy Rodriguez clowns around with a gun and asks Jim Christian Bale what it8217s like to kill ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman

Drug Deal Gone Bad

Harsh Times 2005 - Drug Deal Gone Bad - A drug deal turns suddenly deadly for all when Jim Christian Bale encounters an old rival and kills ... tags: Adriana_MillanAgent_HollenbeckAgent_RichardsAlexArmando_RiescoCesar_GarciaChaka_Forman

Saving Staines

Ali G Indahouse 2002 - Saving Staines - Ali G Sacha Baron Cohen saves Staines from demolition and turns down the offer to become right hand ... tags: Ali_GBarbara_NewCharles_DanceEmilio_RiveraJacqueline_CastroKate_HedgesKellie_Bright

Ali's Stash

Ali G Indahouse 2002 - Ali's Stash - Ali G Sacha Baron Cohen loses his position in Parliament when journalists accuse him of drugging world ... tags: Ali_GBarbara_NewCharles_DanceEmilio_RiveraJacqueline_CastroKate_HedgesKellie_Bright