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It Was You?

Air Force One 1997 - It Was You - Secret Service Agent Gibbs Xander Berkeley betrays the President Harrison Ford as Air Force One is ... tags: Alice_MarshallAndrei_KolchakCarl_WeintraubChief_of_Staff_Lloyd_'Shep'_ShepherdColonel_AxelrodDean_StockwellDefense_Secretary_Walter_Dean

Air Force One - Trailer #1

Air Force One 1997 - Trailer 1 - U.S. President James Marshall Harrison Ford fights back against terrorists who have taken him and his ... tags: Alice_MarshallAndrei_KolchakCarl_WeintraubChief_of_Staff_Lloyd_'Shep'_ShepherdColonel_AxelrodDean_StockwellDefense_Secretary_Walter_Dean

Get Off My Plane!

Air Force One 1997 - Get Off My Plane - President Marshall Harrison Ford battles terrorist Ivan Gary Oldman on the plane8217s parachute ... tags: Alice_MarshallAndrei_KolchakCarl_WeintraubChief_of_Staff_Lloyd_'Shep'_ShepherdColonel_AxelrodDean_StockwellDefense_Secretary_Walter_Dean

The Commander-In-Chief

Air Force One 1997 - The Commander-In-Chief - Ivan8217s Gary Oldman celebration over securing Radek8217s Juumlrgen Prochnow release is ... tags: Alice_MarshallAndrei_KolchakCarl_WeintraubChief_of_Staff_Lloyd_'Shep'_ShepherdColonel_AxelrodDean_StockwellDefense_Secretary_Walter_Dean

The President Is Armed

Air Force One 1997 - The President Is Armed - The President Harrison Ford arms himself by removing a terrorist from his weapon. tags: Alice_MarshallAndrei_KolchakCarl_WeintraubChief_of_Staff_Lloyd_'Shep'_ShepherdColonel_AxelrodDean_StockwellDefense_Secretary_Walter_Dean

The New Air Force One

Air Force One 1997 - The New Air Force One - The President Harrison Ford is secured aboard a military transport plane, which changes its ... tags: Alice_MarshallAndrei_KolchakCarl_WeintraubChief_of_Staff_Lloyd_'Shep'_ShepherdColonel_AxelrodDean_StockwellDefense_Secretary_Walter_Dean

Hijacking Air Force One

Air Force One 1997 - Hijacking Air Force One - A group of Russian nationalists, lead by Ivan Korshunov Gary Oldman infiltrate and hijack ... tags: Alice_MarshallAndrei_KolchakCarl_WeintraubChief_of_Staff_Lloyd_'Shep'_ShepherdColonel_AxelrodDean_StockwellDefense_Secretary_Walter_Dean

Ivan Counts to Ten

Air Force One 1997 - Ivan Counts to Ten - With the deputy press secretary Donna Bullock at gunpoint, Ivan Gary Oldman issues an ultimatum. tags: Alice_MarshallAndrei_KolchakCarl_WeintraubChief_of_Staff_Lloyd_'Shep'_ShepherdColonel_AxelrodDean_StockwellDefense_Secretary_Walter_Dean

The Name of the Rose - Trailer #1

The Name of the Rose 1986 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and starring Sean Connery, Christian Slater, Helmut Qualtinger, ... tags: Adso_of_MelkChristian_SlaterElya_BaskinF._Murray_AbrahamFeodor_Chaliapin,_Jr.Helmut_QualtingerJean-Jacques_Annaud

Dr. Evil Meets Scott

Austin Powers International Man of Mystery 1997 - Dr. Evil Meets Scott - Dr. Evil Mike Myers meets his son, Scott Seth Green, who is not ... tags: Alotta_FaginaAustin_PowersBasil_ExpositionBoltonBrian_GeorgeBurt_BacharachCarrie_Fisher

Throw Me a Frickin' Bone Here

Austin Powers International Man of Mystery 1997 - Throw Me a Frickin' Bone Here - Dr. Evil Mike Myers reveals his blackmail plans only to ... tags: Alotta_FaginaAustin_PowersBasil_ExpositionBoltonBrian_GeorgeBurt_BacharachCarrie_Fisher

One Million Dollars

Austin Powers International Man of Mystery 1997 - One Million Dollars - Dr. Evil Mike Myers learns that a million-dollar ransom isn8217t as ... tags: Alotta_FaginaAustin_PowersBasil_ExpositionBoltonBrian_GeorgeBurt_BacharachCarrie_Fisher