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Elizabeth Bennet Videos by Popular

You Have Bewitched Me

Pride Prejudice 2005 - You Have Bewitched Me - Darcy Matthew Macfayden comes to Elizabeth Keira Knightley and asks her if she will still ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

Lady Catherine's Interrogation

Pride Prejudice 2005 - Lady Catherine's Interrogation - Lady Catherine Judi Dench makes a visit to Elizabeth Keira Knightley and ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

Visiting Darcy's Estate

Pride Prejudice 2005 - Visiting Darcy's Estate - Elizabeth Keira Knightley stumbles upon Mr. Darcy Matthew Macfayden whom she thought was ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

A Letter to Elizabeth

Pride Prejudice 2005 - A Letter to Elizabeth - Darcy Matthew Macfayden delivers a letter explaining his past to a catatonic Elizabeth ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

Offending Lady Catherine

Pride Prejudice 2005 - Offending Lady Catherine - Elizabeth Keira Knightley defends herself confidently as Lady Catherine Judi Dench ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

Refusing Mr. Collins

Pride Prejudice 2005 - Refusing Mr. Collins - Elizabeth Keira Knightley definitively refuses a marriage proposal from Mr. Collins Tom ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

Miserable Mr. Darcy

Pride Prejudice 2005 - Miserable Mr. Darcy - The music and dancing stop when Mr. Darcy Matthew Macfayden and his friends enter the room. ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

Mr. Bingley's Single

Pride Prejudice 2005 - Mr. Bingley's Single - Elizabeth Keira Knightley lovingly watches her sisters become giddy over the idea of Mr. ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

Elizabeth and Darcy's Dance

Pride Prejudice 2005 - Elizabeth and Darcy's Dance - An intimate connection forms between Elizabeth Keira Knightley and Mr. Darcy Matthew ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

Pride & Prejudice - Trailer #1

Pride Prejudice 2005 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Joe Wright and starring Keira Knightley, Talulah Riley, Rosamund Pike, Jena Malone, and ... tags: Brenda_BlethynCarey_MulliganCaroline_BingleyCharles_BingleyCharlotte_LucasClaudie_BlakleyDonald_Sutherland

The Indian MC Hammer

Bride and Prejudice 2004 - The Indian MC Hammer - First the boys tease the girls, then the girls tease the boys in a special wedding dance. tags: Aishwarya_RaiAlexis_BledelAnupam_KherBalrajCatherine_DarcyChaman_BakshiChandra_Lamba

I Was Right About You

Bride and Prejudice 2004 - I Was Right About You - Darcy Martin Henderson tries to tell Lalita Aishwarya Rai how he feels about her, but ... tags: Aishwarya_RaiAlexis_BledelAnupam_KherBalrajCatherine_DarcyChaman_BakshiChandra_Lamba