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Clock ticking on government shutdown

On the brink of a government shutdown - lawmakers in Washington fail to reach a compromise - just hours before a bill funding the U.S. ...

New Doctor Who star to be revealed

The next Doctor will materialize live on television in a 'Doctor Who' special on August 4th. Currently keeping warm in the TARDIS, the 11th ... tags: DayDoctorEleventhMattMoffatMoonof

New Youtube + Hooters Girls + Van Duzer + Egypt - The Philip DeFranco Show

In today's show, we talk about the eleventh anniversary of September Eleventh, Yelp's effect on business, the new Youtube app on iPhone, ... tags: defrancoeleventhhootersinstagramphilipseptembersxephil

Eleventh hour deal keeps US in business

Washington is still in business this morning after Republicans and Democrats passed a stopgap budget deal. The US government was less than ... tags: businessdealEconomyEleventheuronewshourkeeps

Cynopsis 05/20/09

News out of the 2009 Upfront week includes the fate of some older primetime series and more pilot pickups tags: abccbseleventhhourmelroseplacethe

Iran presidential election (X)

Only eleven days until the eleventh presidential election in Iran have remained. tags: campaignselectioneleventhIranpresidentialPressToday

TPMtv: I'm Rudy Giuliani and I Approve This Message

You've probably heard the news that Rudy Giuliani is finally hitting the airwaves with his first TV ad. Were premiering it here at TPM. ... tags: 911eleventhgiulianirudyseptember

2 X 2 L - WTC

01/02/12 nothing more then an Imitation of One's Imagination tags: 20019/11artcentercityDEATHINKINGeleventh

Original No-Plane Witness On 9/11

'No plane, it was a bomb. Who said it was a plane' 'That's what we're told, we saw it on television.' 'No, I saw everything.' Interviews ... tags: 9/11911hoax911tvfafghanistanAlexattackcointelpro

Harry Potter Director takes on Dr. Who Movie

12/03/11 - Click to Subscribe - Become a Fan - Follow Us Dr Who fans celebrate The time lord is coming to the big ... tags: 10th 11th Clevver clevver movies david yates eleventh harry potter

Loik - Psychedelic Shack Vol.2

\nDj Loik - Psychedelic Shack Vol.2\nMP3 Podcast Kraked, 2009-02-01\n\nPure uncut psychedelic soul whith crazy breaks and soulful vocal ... tags: detroitdjseleventhesmeraldsfunkgeoffreyhour