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Election Campaign Videos - 3 by Popular

Disappointing Sandwich

In this episode, our hero takes on the John Edwards scandal, opines disappointedly on his comestible catastrophe, is thoroughly disgusted ... tags: accentamericaAmericansaolappleapple_macassociated_press

At Last! An Audience!

In this premiere episode for Radio Six International, our hero discusses... waaait for it... waaaaiiiiit for iiiiit.... the American ... tags: accentamericaAmericansaolappleapple_macassociated_press

Rage Machine: October 17th

Oh dear. Thanks to some technical difficulties, just one small sampling of the Rage Machine from this week. In this segment, Spike covers ... tags: accentair_americaal_frankenamericaAmericansaolapple

December 6th 2006

Coming back just in time to go away again for the Christmas break, The Rage Machine makes a triumphant return with just minor technical ... tags: accentamericaAmericansaolappleapple_macassociated_press

The (sniff) Spike Nesmith (sniff) Rage Machine (sniff) January 31st. (sniiiffff)

After a rude wake-up call, Spike is back. And hes got a cold. Will he EVER stop sniffing Of a talkingness this go around are plentiful ... tags: accentamericaAmericansaolappleapple_macassociated_press

The February 7th Rage Mach... hey! Is that a dog outside?

On this edition, well examine the dog outside the window. No, wait. Scratch that. Being talkered this time, NASAs new pitch for a sit-com ... tags: 58live58_liveaccentactuallyamericaAmericansanyone

RAGE MACHINE - Feb 28th.

Another full Rage Machine, beginning with a custom-made intro by listener Maz. She gets the name wrong, but hey Gordon Brown, the ... tags: accentamericaAmericansaolappleapple_macarmy

Th ike Nesm age Machi - Now with 60% more stuttering!

OK, so long story short technical difficulties. Long story slightly less short, my awesome USB soundcard isnt quite so awesome. Its so ... tags: accentairforceair_forceamericaAmericansaolapple

The Spike Nesmith (and his Dad) Rage Machine

Hello, entire world This week, our hero is joined by his Dad If you thought Spike was a Bill OReilley-bating far-left, secular, ... tags: accentamericaAmericansaolappleapple_macassociated_press