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SEXERCISE: New Study Shows Hitting the Sack Is As Effective As Going to the Gym

According to researchers at the University of Quebec in Canada- an hour in the sack can burn as many calories as a 30- jog. Men reportedly ... tags: Digital_TelevisionEffectiveGoingGymHittingNewOn-Demand

Life is a Trance! (kemetic Tree of Life - 9th Sphere)

Much of our lives are spent in trance to the 'elements' which determine our personalities. We can and must use our ability to wake up from ...

3-D mammograms help doctors detect problems sooner

The increased use of 3-D breast imaging is helping doctors identify potential problems earlier, and giving their patients some peace of ...

Embarrassing punishments for offenders on the rise

Judges -- and parents -- are now handing out embarrassing punishments. Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, child and adolescent psychologist, and 'CBS ...

Study: Flu vaccine not so effective?

new study reports that there is a need for a new generation of flu shots and that the vaccine works in only 59 of adults. Jeff Glor reports.

Breakthrough in cystic fibrosis treatment

The new drug Kalydeco is being hailed as a breakthrough in the treatment of cystic fibrosis, targeting the underlying genetic cause of the ...

"Hot chemo baths" proving effective against cancer

An extremely controversial cancer treatment called 'hot chemo bath' - shunned for being to invasive and risky - is gaining attention for ...

New malaria vaccine 'highly effective' in tests

There are hopes for a vaccine against malaria after scientists in the US completed a trial which proved highly effective in small scale, ... tags: effectiveEpidemicseuronewsmalariaMedicalMedicineNew

How To Communicate Effectively

An expert in the field of public speaking explains the skills required to be an effective communicator. Surprisingly, the gift of gab is ... tags: communicatecommunicationeffectiveeffectivelypublicspeaking

Unlocking the Keys to Social Impact Marketing: Reach People Where They Are and Speak Their Language

Unlocking the Keys to Social Impact Marketing Speak Their Language We have previously discussed the importance of making cause and social ... tags: CauseEffectiveMarketingPillars