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Video: Egan Says Additional Bailouts May `Freeze' Euro System

Jan. 13 Bloomberg -- Sean Egan, president of Egan Jones Ratings Co., discusses the outlook for the European sovereign debt crisis. Egan ... tags: Bank,EuropeanBonds,IrelandBusinessCentralCorp,Fin'lcstickersDebt,Spain

Video: Ruane Says ECB Must `Significantly' Increase Bond Buying

Dec. 1 Bloomberg -- Darren Ruane, a bond strategist at Rensburg Sheppards Plc, discusses the euro-zone debt crisis and the outlook for ... tags: Bank,EuropeanBonds,Interviews,IntlBonds,IrelandBusinessCentralcstickersEconomy,Loans

Video: Ireland Gets $113 Billion, EU Attempts to Stem Contagion

Nov. 29 Bloomberg -- Bloomberg's Elliott Gotkine reports on Ireland's 85 billion-euro 113 billion bailout package as European governments ... tags: Bonds,IrelandBusinesscstickersEconomy,LoansFund,IrelandMediaMembers,Europe,European

Video: Parker Says Stocks Will `Start to Recover' on Irish Aid

Nov. 29 Bloomberg -- Bob Parker, senior advisor at Credit Suisse Asset Management, discusses the outlook for equity markets after European ... tags: Advisers,Ireland,IrelandBonds,GovernmentBonds,IrelandcstickersEconomy,LoansEvents,BondExperts,Mutual

Video: Goldman's Daly Says Irish Banks May Stabilize 'Quickly'

Nov. 23 Bloomberg -- Kevin Daly, economist at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., discusses the bailout of Ireland's banking system and the risks of ... tags: Bonds,GovernmentBonds,IrelandBusinesscstickersEconomy,IntlEconomy,LoansFinancing,Multimedia-Market

Video: Scammell Says Bailout Won't Prevent Irish Bond Losses

Nov. 22 Bloomberg -- David Scammell, a fund manager at Schroder Investment Management Ltd., talks about the bailout of Irish banks agreed ... tags: Bonds,GovernmentcstickersEconomyEconomy,LoansExperts,News,SyndicatedFinancing,Multimedia-MarketKingdom

Video: Halpenny Says Corporate Deposits at Irish Banks Dropping

Nov. 17 Bloomberg -- Derek Halpennny, European head of currency research at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, talks about Ireland's talks with ... tags: Banks,EnglishBonds,GovernmentcstickersEconomy,LoansFinancing,Multimedia-MarketKingdomMarket

Video: Callow Says Ireland `Very Close' to Tapping EU Bailout

Nov. 11 Bloomberg -- Julian Callow, chief European economist at Barclays Capital, discusses the outlook for Ireland's economy. He talks ... tags: Bonds,GovernmentBusinesscstickersEconomy,GovernmentEconomy,LoansExperts,News,SyndicatedFinancing,Multimedia-Market

Video: Dumas Says China May Allow 5% Yuan Rise After G-20

Nov. 11 Bloomberg -- Charles Dumas, research director at Lombard Street Research Ltd., speaks about the outlook for Group of 20 discussions ... tags: Bonds,GovernmentBusinesscstickersEconomy,Currencies,EconomicEconomy,LoansEconomy,UnitedExperts,News,Syndicated

Video: Irish Mortgage Delinquencies Rise as House Prices Drop

Nov. 10 Bloomberg -- Bloomberg's Nicole Itano reports on rising mortgage delinquencies in Ireland, where in June almost five homeloans out ... tags: cstickersEconomy,LoansEngineering,EconomicEstate,Financing,MortgageMediaMultimedia,Financial

Video: IHS's Behravesh Says Fed Needs to Address Foreclosures: Video

Oct. 25 Bloomberg -- Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Inc., talks about the need for the Federal Reserve to address the ... tags: Banks,EconomicBusinesscstickersEconomy,LoansEconomy,UnitedExperts,News,SecuritiesFinancing,Media

Video: Adachi Says BOJ Should Follow Fed's Monetary Easing: Video

Oct. 4 Bloomberg -- Masamichi Adachi, a senior economist at JPMorgan Chase Co., talks about the outlook for the Japanese economy and ... tags: Bonds,GovernmentBonds,JapanBusinessComments,GovernmentcstickersEconomies,Currencies,EconomicEconomy