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Indian diplomat leaves US to ease row over visa fraud

An Indian diplomat whose arrest and strip-search caused a major rift in U.S.-Indian ties was effectively expelled from the United States on ... tags: diplomatDiplomatic_missionDiplomatic_tensioneasefraudIndiaIndian

Turkey: Cabinet reshuffle fails to ease public frustration

The people of Turkey have woken up to another day of political turmoil, with news of a big cabinet reshuffle amid a high-level corruption ... tags: AnkaraCabineteasefailsfrustrationpublicRecep_Tayyip_Erdogan

India seizes opportunity of eased sanctions for investment in Iran

New Delhi has taken easing of western sanctions as a big opportunity and plans to boost its trade with the Islamic Republic. Indias ... tags: Asia-PacificEaseIndiaInvestmentIranOppourtunitySanctions

UN climate talks limp toward deal

Almost 200 countries kept hope alive in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday for a 2015 climate deal to fight global warming. They've been in ... tags: 2015dealeaseforglobalimpactlimp

China to ease one-child policy

Millions of parents in China will soon be able to have a child. The government announced on Friday that couples in which one parent is an ... tags: childrencountryseasehaveitsliberalizationmillions

Germany vows to 'ease the suffering' in Philippines

Typhoon-ravaged Philippines might breathe a sign of relief soon -- now that Germany and Malaysia are offering a helping hand. German ...

Tehran hopeful talks will ease sanctions

In the Iranian capital, a ripple of optimism is spreading over whether the Geneva talks will lead to a lifting of sanctions. World powers ...

Mass rally in Tehran on anniversary of U.S. embassy takeover

In Tehran, the anniversary of the 1979 U.S. embassy takeover always sounds like this thousands rallying outside the former U.S. diplomatic ...

Historic tunnel set to ease travel chaos for Istanbul commuters

commuters Hailed alongside Ataturk as heroes to their supporters, todays Turkish leaders were central to celebrations at the opening of the ...

Presidential phone call to ease US-France tensions over...

As the US Ambassador left the French Foreign Ministry on Monday the diplomatic fallout over fresh NSA spying allegations continued in ...

A Knight's Soul (EASE)

A Knight's Soul by Erik McCall for EASE. Copyright 2008 and 2009

Surge in tourist spending in Greece helps ease country's...

A rise in tourism revenue in Greece for the first eight months of the year has led to the country's cumulative current account deficit ...