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BD7 Le Mag 21

Gilles Rattier commente l'actualit de la bande dessine et nous fais dcouvrir les dernires parutions ou rditions ne manquer sous aucun ... tags: BouleetbillDylandogGillesratierLedécalageMarc-AntoineMathieu

Cannibal Zombies

Dylan Dog Dead of Night 2010 - Cannibal Zombies - Dylan Brandon Routh educates Marcus Sam Huntington on the zombie order. tags: AllyAndrew_SensenigAnita_BriemBobBorelliBrandon_RouthCourtney_J._Clark

The Body Shop

Dylan Dog Dead of Night 2010 - The Body Shop - Dylan Brandon Routh gives Elizabeth Anita Briem a tour of the body shop where zombies stock ... tags: AllyAndrew_SensenigAnita_BriemBobBorelliBrandon_RouthCourtney_J._Clark

Vargas Punishes Lorca

Dylan Dog Dead of Night 2010 - Vargas Punishes Lorca - Vargas Taye Diggs chastises Lorca James Hebert for failing the mission and exposing ... tags: AllyAndrew_SensenigAnita_BriemBobBorelliBrandon_RouthCourtney_J._Clark

New Beauty Regimen

Dylan Dog Dead of Night 2010 - New Beauty Regimen - Marcus Sam Huntington is shocked to have a brand new arm that doesn8217t match the rest ... tags: AllyAndrew_SensenigAnita_BriemBobBorelliBrandon_RouthCourtney_J._Clark

The Living Dead Among Us

Dylan Dog Dead of Night 2010 - The Living Dead Among Us - Dylan Brandon Routh teaches Elizabeth Anita Briem the history of the zombie ... tags: AllyAndrew_SensenigAnita_BriemBobBorelliBrandon_RouthCourtney_J._Clark

Undead Support Group

Dylan Dog Dead of Night 2010 - Undead Support Group - Marcus Sam Huntington asks for his fellow undeads8217 help at a living dead support ... tags: AllyAndrew_SensenigAnita_BriemBobBorelliBrandon_RouthCourtney_J._Clark

They're Gonna Eat Me!

Dylan Dog Dead of Night 2010 - They're Gonna Eat Me - Dylan Brandon Routh battles an enormous cannibal zombie while Marcus Sam Huntington ... tags: AllyAndrew_SensenigAnita_BriemBobBorelliBrandon_RouthCourtney_J._Clark

Dig Us Out

Dylan Dog Dead of Night 2010 - Dig Us Out - Marcus Sam Huntington panics when Dylan Brandon Routh reveals they8217re in a crypt Dylan ... tags: AllyAndrew_SensenigAnita_BriemBobBorelliBrandon_RouthCourtney_J._Clark

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night - Trailer #1

Dylan Dog Dead of Night 2010 - Trailer 1 - The film adaptation of the popular graphic novel. tags: AllyAndrew_SensenigAnita_BriemBobBorelliBrandon_RouthCourtney_J._Clark

Aleta Blog

Blog de Aleta Ediciones, editora en Espaa de ttulos de Bonelli como Dylan Dog, Tex, Martin Mystre o Julia, as como ttulos americanos como ... tags: Alan_MooreAletaBlogsBonelliBrad_BarronBritcomic

Taye Diggs Joins 'Dead of Night'

Well, Dead of Night may not be the most recognized comic book title out there, but I can guarantee that it definitely will have it's share ... tags: AnitaBriemanita_briemBrandonRouthbrandon_routhCastingcomicComic_Superhero_Geek