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Dusseldorf Videos - 4 by Popular

Eurovision song contest fever hits Dusseldorf - no comment

It's that time of year, when the world gears up for the mother of all televised talent shows the eurovision song contest euronews watch ... tags: commentcontestDusseldorfeuronewsfeverhitsMusic

Düsseldorf's Japanese Community Reacts to Disasters

Dsseldorf is home to Germany's largest Japanese community and more than 500 Japanese companies have set up shop there. Even more than 8,000 ... tags: Dusseldorfearthquakeenergyfukushimaimmigrantjapanesenuclear

World's Longest Bar?

Where is it You'd be surprisedCurious to know more Watch this video filled with insider interviews about what really makes this city stand ... tags: dusseldorffestivalsgermanyjazztravel

Insider's Peek into Dusseldorf's Famous Art Academy (Kunstakademie)

I had the rare opportunity to peak inside the doors of the Kunstakademie with Emil Schult. As you'll see in this short interview and tour, ... tags: artdusseldorfemilgermanykraftwerkkunstakademiemusic

¡Que no cunda el pánico!

Los conciertos y eventos multitudinarios implican riesgos. Y si el lugar es inadecuado puede provocarse el pnico, con consecuencias ... tags: Accidente¡QueCienciasdeDusseldorfeuronewsla

Allemagne : un logiciel pour gérer les mouvements de foule

Les mouvements de foule peuvent s'avrer tre dangereux. On l'a vu de nombreuses reprises dont notamment ici Duisburg en Allemagne o 21 ... tags: AccidentDusseldorfeuronewsgérerinformatiqueleslogiciel

L'informatica per la gestione dei grandi eventi

Grandi eventi, come i concerti, comportano dei rischi. Se organizzati in luoghi poco adatti possono avere conseguenze fatali, come successo ... tags: deiDusseldorfeuronewseventiIncidenteInformaticaLinformatica

Love Parade faciası, Basigo projesini doğurdu

Federal Almanya Eitim ve Aratrma Bakanl'nn destekledii bir proje, kalabalklar bir araya getiren organizasyonlarda izdihamn nnde gemeyi ... tags: BasigoBiliÅŸimdoÄŸurduDusseldorfeuronewsKazaKurtarma

Managing the masses, preventing crushes

Major events, such as concerts or sports matches, can involve risks. When too many people are in a space which is too small or badly ... tags: AccidentComputerDusseldorfeuronewsManagingmassespreventing

Nazi temalı Wagner uyarlaması iptal edildi

nl klasik mzik sanatlarndan Wagner'in Duseldorf'taki operasnn Nazi temal gsterimi iptal edildi. Yaplan aklamada nceki gsterimlerin baz ... tags: AlmanyaDusseldorfedildieuronewsKültürNeo-NazizmOpera

Cancelan la versión de una ópera de Wagner que...

La pera de Dsseldorf ha retirado de su programa una versin del Tannhuser de Wagner que utilizaba escenas del holocausto nazi para ilustrar ... tags: AlemaniaCancelanCulturaDusseldorfeuronewsOperaque