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Dumb Guy Videos - 2 by Popular

FUNNIEST COMPILATION EVER : Falls, Fails, Funny ads, unexpected things...

Yes... This is THE funniest Compil Ever. With unexpected things, Fails, Girls falling down, humor.... Enjoy.

Enders Game Tribute Playing Lazer Tag In Public. Crazy!!

Big fans of the movie Enders game, this guys decided to do a tribute to the Blockbuster In the video he plays Lazer tag in public, and ...

Fails Compilation with car crash, amazing falls, fights, dumb guys and more...

You like Fails compilation and this one is just AMAZING... Enjoy all those car crashes, dumb guys, falls, ridiculous girls dancing....

Snowmobile loading on car.... FAIL!

Next time try this slowly. This guys destoys his car trying to load his snowmobile. Dumb

Car crashes, Sports fails, Boat accidents.... Best Fails of the Week

Enjoy this compilation of fails... the best of this week With Dumb guys, car crash, boat accident and sports fails

RollerCoaster Fail : 3 russians are gonna break the little rollercoaster!

So so ridiculous... Those 3 drunk russian are playing on a children rollercoaster.... And BIMMMMM it's a fail they 're gonna break it and ...

Dumb guy destroys big rocks in Goblin Valley.

In the Goblin Valley State Park, a man destroyed a rock formation 200 million years pushing a rock. He explains at the end of the rock ...

Boat Fails Compilation - Dumb guys, boat sinking, big crashes!

You like boat, you like fails, you like laughing at people doing dumb things Enjoy this awesome Boat Fail Compilation

5 FAILS at the Gym!! Funny failed workouts..

Wanna see how to do something ridiculous at the gym. Look at these 5 guys. EPIC FAILS

Drunk and dumb guy jumping over rail! FAIL!

Another dumb guy, apparently drunk is trying to jump over a rail... and it's a big big epic FAIL. So so funny

Dumb guy washing his car with water shoot : outside and INSIDE the car... FAIL!

This guy is completely crazy... He is washing th car with water shoot. Inside the car Drowned EPIC FAIL.

Ridiculous fail trying to jump on a pontoon... ahaha Funny!

Dumb guy.. Why did you try this ahahah He's gonna fall in the water trying to jump over water on a pontoon. Ridiculous but so so funny