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Cobra poison in Cool drinks

Cobra poison in Cool drinks tags: CobraCooldrinkspoisonTv9

Bar manager accused of spiking drinks bonds out of jail

The manager of a Longwood bar is accused of poisoning a bartender who worked for him, police detectives said Wednesday. tags: adulteratedbarcrimesdrinksdrugsLongwoodpoisoning

New Study Reinforces Link Between Sugary Drinks and Childhood Obesity

Past studies have confirmed that among teens and school-aged children, one of the biggest contributors seems to be drinks filled with sugar ... tags: childcoladrinksHealthkidsNewsobesity

MMA fight in Bolivian street - drunk guys!

Hey... Drunk Bolivian are so good in MMA fight. So funny tags: alcoholartsboliviadrinksdrunkfightmartial

Selena Gomez Turns 21 With a Hangover

Selena Gomez revealed to Jay Leno that she ordered shots of Jack Daniels as her first legal drink. Not only this she also revealed that in ... tags: birthdaydanielsdrinksgomezhappyjackjay

Guy drinks 2 liters of beer in less than 5 seconds

The guy's face in the backiumlraquoiquest make it even more epic. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: beerdrinksfunnyguyless-tlitersseconds

Kid Tries Root Beer For First Time

Check out this little kid's adorable reaction after he takes a sip of some root beer for the first time in his life tags: beerdrinksfirstkidroottimetries

Big Cola New Look Launch

Neha Dhupia launches a new drink Big Cola, watch this video. tags: BigCokeColaDhupiaDrinksNehaPepsi

How To Make A Vodka Cocktail

Everyone loves a cool and refreshing cocktail now and again, but if you are getting bored with the usual suspects, why not try a candy ... tags: cocktailsdrinkseasymixedsimplevodka

Things You Didn't Know About Bourbon

AskMen editor Kathryn Jezer-Morton discusses a few Bourbon facts that you may not of known. tags: askmenBeamdrinkshoneyJimmakemakers

What Are Barrel Aged Cocktails?

Robert Haynes-Peterson chats with Dan Greenbaum about the process of barrel aged cocktails. tags: agedalcoholbarrelbarscocktailsdrinks

Top 10 Iconic Junk Foods

They may not be healthy, but damn are they addictive. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 iconic junk foods. For this list, ... tags: Bigburgerchickencookiesdoughnutsdrinksfried