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Bad weather dampens Spain's Canary Islands

Spain's Canary Islands are famous for their sun and sand but bad weather has hit the islands for two days now. In the island of Tenerife, ... tags: anddampensdownedforRabieereportsSpains

U.S. drone recovered by Iran

Officials believe a super-secret drone shot down by Iran is now in the hands of their military. Bob Orr reports on how this could set back ...

Obama asks Iran to return downed drone

The White House has asked the Iranian government for the drone that was downed in their country as military officials claim they have ...

Iran attempting to reverse engineer U.S. drone

Officials in Tehran claim they're close to unlocking the recovered U.S. drone's secrets by reverse engineering critical systems. But, as ...

U.S. officials blame drone crash on mechanical failure

American officials are now convinced the loss of a stealth drone deep inside Iran was the result of a mechanical failure and not a cyber ...

Syria says downed helicopter was in Turkish airspace but...

Syria has admitted that an army helicopter shot down by Turkish forces on Monday had crossed briefly into Turkish airspace, but insists it ...

Turkey calls for Nato talks over downed jet

The downing of a Turkish warplane by Syrian forces is to be discussed by European Union foreign ministers today ahead of a special Nato ... tags: callsDiplomacydownedeuronewsforjetNato

NATO to talk Turkey as downed jet row intensifies

Turkey has hardened its anti-Syrian rhetoric after one of its reconnaissance aircraft was downed by Syrian air defences on Friday.It has ... tags: DiplomacydownedeuronewsintensifiesjetNATOrow

Turkish PM slams Syria for hostile act as downed jet row...

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told his AKP party that the country's F4-Phantom was unarmed and in international airspace ... tags: actCrisisdownedeuronewsforhostilejet

Pilots' bodies found from Turkish jet downed by Syria

Turkey's armed forces say they have found the bodies of both pilots from a fighter jet shot down by Syria last month.They did not say where ... tags: AttackdownedeuronewsfoundfromjetPilots

Rio-Paris downed by equipment and pilot failure

The official inquiry into the ill-fated flight AF 447 from Rio to Paris, which crashed in 2009 with the loss of all 228 people on board, ... tags: anddownedequipmenteuronewsfailureFranceInquiry

Turkey honours pilots downed by Syria

A ceremony has been held in Turkey for the two pilots killed when Syria downed a Turkish jet last month.Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ... tags: CeremonydownedeuronewshonourspilotsSyriaTurkey