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Donnie Darko Videos - 3 by Popular

Cinematical Movie Club: The Deer Hunter

As I livetweeted The Deer Hunter, I started to wonder Could this film exist today Would it even be made today I wasn't wondering about the ... tags: ChristopherWalkenChristopher_WalkenCinematicalCinematicalMovieClubCinematical_Movie_ClubColumnsDiscuss

The Best of the Decade: Science-Fiction

The biggest problem turned out to be, of course, how to separate what's 'science-fiction' from what's, well, everything else. The easiest ... tags: A.i.ArtificialIntelligencea.i._artificial_intelligenceAndrewStantonandrew_stantonavatarbestBestOf2000s

Sci-Fi Squad Names The Best Science Fiction Films of the Decade

It's been ten years since we crossed into the seemingly futuristic 'Year 2000.' While we didn't get moon colonies or hovercars, we did get ... tags: ChildrenOfMenchildren_of_menDonnieDarkodonnie_darkoeartheternalFandom

donnie darko soundtrack

musica tratta dal geniale film donnie darko...AutornbspGiulianoBettoniEtiquetas nbspdonnie nbspdarko nbsp nbspAntildeadido 30/11/2009 tags: donnie,_darko

Hollywood 411 On Set: the Box

Cameron Diaz and James Marsden reveal the secret to suspense in their new thriller THE BOX. The pair discuss the interesting moral dilemma ... tags: Cameron_DiazDonnie_DarkoHollyood_411_On_SetJames_MarsdenMadison_MicheleNews_and_InformationRichard_Kelly

Fan Rant: 'The Crazies' Trailer is Not a Melancholy 'Mad World'

It all started out so well. Timothy Olyphant is the man of the law, the local townsfolk are enjoying the start of the baseball season, and ... tags: CinematicalDonnieDarkoDonnie_DarkoFanRantFan_RantGaryJulesGary_Jules

Patrick Swayze – Soundtrack Podcast

Celebrating the life of Patrick Swayze and the films he starred in.Tracks Covered SongArtistSource I've Had The Time Of My ... tags: Ditry_DancingDonnie_DarkoEverythingFooforGhostJulie

Our Favorite Montages: Donnie Darko

I'm not sure that much can really compare to Erik's inaugural choice Footloose and 'Let's Hear it for the Boy', but the Tears for Fears ... tags: CinematicalDonnieDarkoDonnie_DarkoFandomHeadOverHeelsHead_Over_HeelsMadWorld

Experimental Japan

davidleedop.comStop Motion AnimationAdventures in Asia with return ticket -Music by Herrmutt LobbyCast Dave Lee, weareom tags: animationAsiacameramancanonChinacinematographydirectorofphotography

Watch This: 'S. Darko' Goes Viral

I'm on the record regarding my skepticism about the May 12th direct-to-DVD release of S. Darko, so I'll just incorporate this post here ... tags: DistributionDonnieDarkodonnie_darkoMovie_MarketingMystery_SuspenseS.Darkos._darko