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Commentator Showdown Update | Round 2 | We Did It!

im really pleased to be in round 2 so please go subscribe to matt as he posts great content and is hosting the showdown itself tags: commentatordombeybluedombeyblue1nreaalynreaalytroundshowdown

Gotham City Imposters: First Nights Highlights!

this game is fun as hell so you guys should check it out for sure. you can get a 1 hour free trial of multiplayer and then buy the game for ... tags: amazingawesomebatmanbeastbestcitydombeyblue

WaW: Quick 18 Kill Streak! | I Need Your Help Guys! IMPORTANT!

so nreaal vid vote for me please and pollys amazing montage sub him and like/fav the sht out of it tags: 18amazingatdombeybluedombeyblue1helpimportant

Borderlands Playthrough Part 2 w/ randomonimu5 & itfc101

skip to 4 in for the black screen to stop, dont know why that file did that. sorry. tags: borderlandsdombeybluedombeyblue1itfc101partplaythroughrandomonium5

CoD4: 34-1 TDM | nReaal Commentator Showdown

yep basically i need your help guys but dont worry, got a topic ive never done anything like on this channel before sooo D tags: 34-1amazingandblackcod4commentarycommentator

CoD4 37-4 TDM | A Cant Be Asked Commentary

just for the fun of it as i said, im not being serious though sub polly of course tags: amazingaskedbebotheredcallcantchill

CoD4: 32-4 TDM | Best Game Modes For Ranking Up + What Next

leave a like if you enjoyed this video. i appreciate and respond to all comments so drop me one if you would like Dmy facebook page ... tags: 32-4amazingawesomecallchallengecod4commentary