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Tomorrow Today | Geologist Yamirka Rojas-Agramonte

In our Brilliant Minds series,Tomorrow Today presents young scientists from around the world who live and do research in Germany. ... tags: CaribbeancontinentalCubadepositsDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

Cypriots under Pressure | Made in Germany

EU finance ministers plan to earmark up to ten billion euros from the European Stability Mechanism to secure the countrys financial rescue ... tags: crisiscyprusdepositsdeutsche_welleeconomicseconomyeuro

German Resistance - Cyprus Bailout | People

The eurozones latest bailout request has come from Cyprus. But unlike previous aid packages, this one makes the general public pay for ... tags: angela_merkelbailoutbankingbankscyprusdepositsdeutsche_welle

Global stocks mixed, Spanish budget delayed

09/27/12 Global stocks were trading mixed as Spain delayed its 2013 budget release. Also, China's central bank makes its biggest liquidity ... tags: bankdatadepositsdurableeconomicGDPgoods

EU report: Deposits should be separated from risky banking

Again, it is being recommended that high-risk investments and trading be separated from retail banking.This time, the proposal comes from a ... tags: BankingDepositseuronewseuropaEuropefromreport:

Danger: Expired Contact Lenses!

It says right on the directions that you shouldn't wear your contacts any longer than two weeks. You're going on your six or seventh - ... tags: contactscornealdepositseyesirritateditchyprotein

Bank Bust Day: War on 'Too Big to Fail'

In a national effort to make the so-called one per cent listen, hundreds of thousands of people have withdrawn money from leading banks in ... tags: banksChristiandebitdebtdepositsisKevin

Don't Occupy Banks! 'Move your money Day' kicks off in US

For people who want to play their part in the 'Occupy' movement, but don't feel like hitting the streets, Saturday is the day to act. It's ... tags: arrestsbanksDCdebitdebtdepositsis

RE: Lumps and Bumps in Massage

From How do massage therapists react to feeling lumps on a person Do you tell the client anything The cases I could think of are calcium ... tags: calciumcontraindicatedcontraindicationdepositsgallmassageone

Thief targeted women through dating websites, officials say

Investigators said a man was taken into custody and charged with stealing from women who he met on dating websites. tags: BankBetterBureaubusinessDepositsmusicOnly