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Debtceiling Videos - 3 by Popular

The Shutdown is Over: Lawmakers Make 11th Hour Deal

With Republicans having dropped most of their demands, the Senate and House voted to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling.

Deal in Place, But Not Without Drama

Late Wednesday, congressional leaders both funded the government and avoided allowing the country to default on its debt.

Debt Ceiling Deadline Approaches, Still No Tangible Deal

House GOP leaders gave up on writing a deal late Tuesday, which left the Senate to push a plan before Thursday's deadline.

Punchlines: End of the shutdown

After 16 days, the government has finally reopened. Take a look at what the late-night comics have to say about that in this webisode of ...

Ep. 1366: Where we got these Oreos, man

You can look forward to seeing a lot more of Emily Dreyfuss on the show during her bi-weekly trips to the CNET NY office. She joins us in ...

SNAPPED?: Woman Disrupts Congress After Gov't Funding Vote; Starts Shouting About God

Last night Congress finally reached an agreement to bring the government shutdown, but not everyone was happy. Stenographer Diane Reidy ...

Hit Hard by Shutdown: Vets run on fumes amid US budget brawl

An unprecedented, global economic calamity could be just hours away. It hinges now on those who sparked the crisis - US lawmakers, ...

Mattel's profit soars

Mattel, the maker of American Girl dolls and Monster High products, says third quarter profits rose 16 percent, beating Wall Street's ...

Americans lost faith in government

America is experiencing its first government shutdown in nearly two decades. Americans have lost faith in the government .The shutdown ...

Hobson on sell-off of U.S. Treasurys: "We are playing Russian roulette"

Mellody Hobson, CBS News contributor and analyst, talks to the 'CBS This Morning' co-hosts about the news of China's suggestion that the ...

Debt Ceiling Looms, Has Real Arm Twisting Begun?

Little progress over the weekend means Thursday's deadline has international leaders growing more and more worried.

BlackRock CEO Fink: Set the debt ceiling out nine months, use time to work out tax strategies

More than a dozen CEOs have lobbied President Obama and Congressional leaders in the past three months with the message that the government ...