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David Gregory: Obama Lacking Toughness and Leadership

NBC Meet the Press Host David Gregory tells Larry King in Politicking that President Obama lacks leadership and toughness and also explains ... tags: benghazichris_christiedavid_gregorygeorge_w_bushmeet_the_pressobamacareora_tv

David Gregory: Hillary Clinton More Popular Now

NBC Host Meet the Press David Gregory tells Larry King on Politicking that Hillary Clinton is more popular and more respected now that she ... tags: benghazichris_christiedavid_gregorygeorge_w_bushmeet_the_pressobamacareora_tv

David Gregory on Chris Christie as Possible 2016 Republican Nominee: May Be Peaking Too Early and ...

NBC Meet the Press Host David Gregory tells Larry King on Politicking Chris Christie's positives and negatives in terms of being considered ... tags: benghazichris_christiedavid_gregorygeorge_w_bushmeet_the_pressobamacareora_tv

THE THEATER BIZARRE's David Gregory and Buddy Giovazanni - Inside Horror

Last night8217s show was quite the circus. Elric, Jenna, Brian and I greeted more guests than ever before First up, we had Elijah Drenner, ... tags: buddy_giovinazzodavid_gregorydreadlineselijah_drennerelrick_kanehorror_filmsinside_horror

David Gregory Breaks Down Primary Results

David Gregory analyzes the results from tonight's 2012 contests with big wins for Mitt Romney in Arizona and Michigan. tags: commentaryCongressDavid_GregoryinterviewissuesleaderMSNBC

Meet the Press at Brookings: Why the World Needs America

Meet the Press Moderator David Gregory hosts a special panel discussion with New York Times Columnist David Brooks and Brookings Senior ... tags: commentaryCongressDavid_GregoryinterviewissuesleaderMSNBC

MTP Political Minute: Santorum's Surge

David discusses the week in politics including the Michigan and Arizona primaries and whether Rick Santorums surge can survive against Mitt ... tags: commentaryCongressDavid_GregoryinterviewissuesleaderMSNBC

PRESS Pass: Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., and Lonnie Bunch

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., and Founding Director of the African American History and Culture Museum Lonnie Bunch discuss the new museum that ... tags: commentaryCongressDavid_GregoryinterviewissuesleaderMSNBC

Lewis and Bunch On Race and President Obama

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., and Lonnie Bunch talk about President Obama and how the issue of race has impacted his presidency. tags: commentaryCongressDavid_GregoryinterviewissuesleaderMSNBC

Lewis: 'We Cannot Sweep the Issue of Race Under the Rug'

Lonnie Bunch and Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., discuss the role of affirmative action in todays society. tags: commentaryCongressDavid_GregoryinterviewissuesleaderMSNBC

Lewis On Santorum: 'I'm Not So Sure He Believes All the Things He's Saying'

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., discusses Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum and working with him in the House. tags: commentaryCongressDavid_GregoryinterviewissuesleaderMSNBC

Social Issues in the GOP Presidential Race

Andrea Mitchell, Al Hunt, Helene Cooper and Ed Gillespie debate the prominence of womens rights, gay marriage and religious freedom in the ... tags: commentaryCongressDavid_GregoryinterviewissuesleaderMSNBC